Exciting Work by Skills Labs Students

Students in the Naturalization Skills Lab and in the Immigration Clinic recently participated in a community outreach information session for Jacksonville residents who are interested in applying for United States citizenship.  The outreach was held at a local Burmese church and the students provided the attendees with information on what the skills lab and clinic are doing to help applicants with the naturalization process. The students are in the process of pre-screening applicants for Citizenship Day, which will be held at Florida Coastal on April 14, 2012. On Citizenship Day, the students will help approximately 200 residents with the paperwork needed to apply to become naturalized United States citizens.  Pictures of the outreach session appear below.  Any student who would like to volunteer to help on Citizenship Day and earn pro bono hours should contact Professor Ericka Curran or Professor Kara Roberts or Professor Karen Millard for more information.

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