Consumer Law Clinic Starts Semester with Fee Hearing

The Consumer Law Clinic got off to a busy start this summer.  Just two weeks into the semester, Chauntel Grant argued a Motion for Attorney’s Fees and Costs in a foreclosure case.  After four years of litigation, the plaintiff voluntarily dismissed its foreclosure action against one of the Clinic’s clients.  Since the plaintiff dismissed, the Clinic’s client is the prevailing party and therefore entitled to fees.

Chauntel Grant argued in a 45 minute hearing the Clinic’s entitlement to fees and questioned a fee expert who testified to the reasonableness of the fees.  All of the Consumer Law Clinic students attended the hearing and lent their support and assistance in preparing for the hearing. We are still waiting on the judge’s ruling and are optimistic it will be a favorable decision. Next, the Clinic currently has three foreclosure cases set for trial and a deposition in July.  It is shaping up to be a busy and very educational summer!

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