Consumer Law Clinic gets ready for another semester

Even though everyone has been on break for the past few weeks, things have not slowed down in the Clinic.  The Consumer Law Clinic was able to finish up several cases at the end of the Fall Semester, so the spring students will have the opportunity to work on a new set of garnishment, debt collection defense, and foreclosure defenses cases.

In addition, we will continue to work on an increasingly more complicated equity skimming case.  Our client was tricked into signing over a portion of her property in exchange for having her property taxes paid for her.  We are now discovering that not only the buyer has been accused of fraud in the past, but that the closing agent who conducted the closing with multiple suspicous closing charges is now being tried in federal court for mortgage fraud.

We are continuing to explore claims and defenses that our client has against the seller as well as against multiple other parties who may have participated in the scheme. The facts of the case read like a law school final exam, but the risk to this low income client of losing her home is very real.

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