Consider a Labor or Employment Law Practice

Practicing employment law can be very complex yet very fulfilling.  It can involve employment discrimination suits, which range from race, sex, age or disability discrimation to cases which pertain to misappropriation of trade secrets or suits to enforce Non-Competition Agreements.  You might represent the employee who feels wronged, or you could represent employers against those claims.  If you defend the employers part of your responsibility would be to advise the employers how to best avoid these suits. 

These cases typically involve complicated relationships between people in the workplace and therefore may be fraught with emotion and hurt feelings.  There is a very human component to this field, so a prerequisite needed to practice in this field would be people skills.  You must develop a real trust relationship with your clients and serve as their competent advisor, regardless of the side you argue.  You should also possess excellent writing skills and ensure that you are up to date on the latest developments in the field.

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