Coastal Law Admissions Spotlight: Nicole Schumer


My name is Nicole Schumer and I am the Assistant Director of Admissions at Florida Coastal School of Law.  I am a native of Mississippi and graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2000. Upon graduation I knew that I wanted to help people.  I wasn’t sure how, but I knew that whatever I did, it would be to improve people’s lives.  I moved to Kansas City and worked in the financial industry for several years before moving to Jacksonville, FL.  I had researched Jacksonville and was really excited about this new adventure in my life.  Jacksonville turned out to be everything I hoped it would be.  Not only is it one of the most affordable cities in Florida, it is also a city that has something for everyone.  It has the beach, downtown on the river, suburban life, and many other environments.  Since living in Florida, I have gotten married and had two amazing children.

In 2006, I had found the place to truly make a difference in people’s lives at Florida Coastal School of Law.  I initially worked at Coastal Law as a counselor and then transitioned to Assistant Director of Admissions in 2010.  I have spent the last 8 years educating those considering law and guiding them through the admission process.

As a member of the Florida Coastal School of Law admissions team, I enjoy helping students realize their dream to pursue a law profession.  I help the students and their families understand the application process and help make the transition to law school as smooth as possible.  I also enjoy hearing about their lives and what brought them to their decision to attend law school.  Having been with Coastal Law for several years and counseled many prospective students, I can understand the trepidation students feel when starting this journey. I try to make them feel at home and encourage their excitement about starting their law school career.

One of the many things I enjoy about working at Florida Coastal School of Law is the staff and faculty.  We all put the students’ interests and needs first.  This is reflected in the wonderful environment our students enjoy every day.  When students come to visit our office before they graduate, it is a great feeling to know they appreciate the difference we made in their lives.

Besides graduation, one of the best times to work in Florida Coastal School of Law’s admissions office is during orientation.  To witness the excitement and curiosity of each new incoming student is a special time.  They are embarking on a new journey, and to be a part of that is something I really enjoy.  We are there to support and reassure them, ease their nerves, and ultimately join them in their excitement.

Along with my involvement with prospective students and active students, I am also responsible for maintaining the office database systems.  My job is to ensure we have accurate information for every student and that the processes of the office run smoothly.  I keep track of enrollment data from year to year and make sure we are doing the best by our students. I help develop statistical reports to enhance recruitment strategies, and monitor those reports for yield management, forecasting, and operational efficiency.

I am also greatly involved in Florida Coastal’s Alternative Admissions Model Program for Legal Education (AAMPLE®) program.  I am a huge advocate of the this program and strongly believe that the AAMPLE program provides students the opportunity to prove beyond their LSAT score that they can succeed in law school and go on to have successful legal careers.  Since being a part of this program, I have watched many students go on to graduate from Florida Coastal School of Law and find career paths that they enjoy.  That is why we started this program and I am always happy to see those students succeed.

Overall, being a part of the Florida Coastal School of Law community is a rewarding experience for me and for the students we serve.  I always look forward to the next class and assisting them in fulfilling their dreams.

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