Finding a Home in Jacksonville to Attend Coastal Law


Finding a place to live in a new city can be exiting, but also a bit frustrating at times.  Here at Coastal Law we try to provide an easy transition to life here in Jacksonville.  Below are some things to think about before you begin your housing search.


  1. Do I want a roommate? Before you even begin the process of finding somewhere to live you want to consider this important question.  Are you a quiet person and appreciate your own space?  Do you to prefer to study at home as opposed to the library? Do you want to share the cost of rent with someone else?  Determining whether you want to live alone or with a roommate should be something you consider right at the beginning.  You want to consider this possibility right away in case the options you prefer are not in your original budget plan.


  1. What is my budget? Determine how much you want to spend each month on rent. Do you want a smaller apartment because you will not be spending much time there, or do you plan to study in your apartment? Would you prefer to spend more money on rent or on premium internet and cable? You need to set a budget for yourself and determine the range you are willing to spend before you even start your research, so that you can pick those options that are in your price range.  This is also important in determining your entire budget for law school. (A blog of Financing Your Legal Education coming soon!)


  1. What kind of environment am I looking for? Do you want a small quiet community, or do you want a community that provides a lot of activities to its residents? Do you have any pets?  Do you potentially want a place near a dog park?  Do you want to be in an area with children?  Do you want to have multiple outdoor pools or are you more concerned with a nice gym on site?  Think about the type of environment you want to live in and what that means in regards to your study habits and interaction with other residents in your complex.  You may also consider a condo, townhouse or home that might better fit your needs.


  1. What area of Jacksonville do I want to live in? Most students live in the Southside area which is where Coastal Law is situated, but there are many other areas of Jacksonville to consider.  The Downtown area is about fifteen minutes away, which also consists of many smaller areas around the river downtown.  Some of these areas are San Marco, Riverside, and Avondale.  They are areas that have many small parks, shops, bars and restaurants all within walking distance of housing options.  We also have students who decide to live out towards Jacksonville Beach which is about a half hour from campus.  The only concern with living out towards the beach is the traffic each day during rush hour.  Determining the area of Jacksonville you want to be in relates to the type of environment you are looking for.  Take the time to look into each area and consider which would be best for the day to day lifestyle you are looking for.  I mentioned rush hour above and that can also be important in making your housing decisions.


  1. When do I plan on moving in? Determining when you want to move is very important in determining what will be available at that time. We recommend that you move at the beginning of August for our fall admits, so that you can become comfortable with the area prior to the beginning of orientation and classes.  Knowing when you want to move will help you plan for the moving time and availability at those housing options that are your top choice.


Hopefully this will help you begin your search for housing if you have not started already.


Coastal Law works with Jacksonville Rental Finders, which is a local agency that helps our students free of charge with their housing needs.  Please feel free to reach out to them directly through their website or by phone (904) 565-9040.  We can also release your information to them if you would like by filling out this form.

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