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Job Postings for the Dade County Area

Like many other bar associations, the Dade County Bar Association’s website includes job postings in their “Career Center.”  These listings include a Bankruptcy Associate position in Orlando, a litigation attorney in Ft. Lauderdale, an Associate in Plantation, Florida, and an Associate in Tampa, just to name a few.  To review current job postings, visit the Dade County Bar Association Career Center.    To learn more about the Miami area legal community, browse the Dade County Bar Association’s Website.  You will find photos from recent events, committees by practice areas, and a calendar of events.

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Know Your Market: The Supply and Demand Factor

What does economics have to to do with finding a legal job?  Everything!  In determining where you want to practice, perhaps the most important factors are supply and demand.  Does the local legal market need another attorney?  Are any firms in the area hiring?  If so, in what practice areas?  Is there saturation or have there been recent legal layoffs?  How is the local economy faring in general?  These are all important factors you must consider before you commit to any legal market.  And according to a study by Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc., nearly every jurisdiction except for Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Washington, D.C. has an oversupply of lawyers right now.  What does this mean for you?  It means that to find a legal job in an area that does not have great demand for attorneys, you will probably need to work harder, it will take longer, and your starting salary may be less.  It also means that more than ever, you need to work one-on-one with a career counselor from your first year forward to ensure that you are ahead of the pack in your job search efforts.  Contact Career Services for a counseling appointment in our office or via phone.

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Symplicity Offers More Than Local Job Postings

Interested in an associate’s position with an insurance defense firm in West Palm Beach?  Or a corporate associate position with a regional law firm out of Ft. Lauderdale?  How about an associate’s position at a firm as far away as New York or Kansas, or as close as Orlando or Atlanta?  Symplicity has job postings from law firms in many different states.  As a general rule of thumb, you should check it at least once a week for any new postings in which you might be interested.  Browing the postings also helps you get a feel for average pay and the practice areas in which firms are hiring so that you can focus your job search in those key areas.  If you have difficulty accessing Symplicity, contact our office at

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Find Job Postings on Bar Sites!

Bar Associations are fabulous resources for job postings in many areas, particularly in larger cites.  Most are organized based upon the county or city in which they are located, so you can find them online through a simple search using the county or city name and the words “bar association.”  For example, if you are interested in the Atlanta area, check out the site for the DeKalb County Bar Association.  To the right of the menu bar, you will find the “Career Center,” where you can search for jobs, sign up for job posting alerts, or post your resume. 

To start your search for bar associations in your target area, make a list of the counties and cities in the region in which you are interested, and search for each of their websites.  Then peruse any job postings, which may be listed under classifieds or careers.  If you don’t see any, pick up the phone and call the bar association to ask them how most legal employers in the area advertize positions!

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Law Firms Seek Associates With More Business Training

According to a recent “Roundtable on the Future of Lawyer Hiring, Development and Advancement” hosted by NALP, law firms are in broad agreement that they would like to see new lawyers with more exposure to business training.  As explained by Robert E. Williams, Partner and Chief Talent Officer at Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP, “[a]ll the lawyers here are familiar with the legal case method, where you read a fact pattern and then think of the applicable law.  In the business case method, you read a fact pattern and then think of what you should do…I think that’s really invigorating to someone who’s been steeped in the legal case method for quite a long time, and it will bring them into closer alignment with the way their clients think.”  (“Finding the New Normal,” NALP Bulletin, Vol. 23, No. 6, June 2011)  If you have a business degree or a background in a business related field, emphasize the skills you learned in that regard on your resume and in interviews.  When asked what distinguishes you from other candidates, point out how your practical business experience translates into being a better attorney who understands the practical day-to-day implications of legal conclusions.  Afterall, a law firm is a business!

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Create A Connection With A Law Firm!

Small law firms tend to hire based on their need for an extra pair of hands, and they most often hire someone with whom they have a connection.  You can create that connection by networking at local Bar Association events.  Most Bar Associations have events year round, including luncheons and socials.  Bar associations also sponsor continuing education seminars, which are s-u-p-e-r-b opportunities to network with lawyers in your chosen area of law.  For example, check out the events listed below sponsored by the Dade County Bar Association in the upcoming months.  (Generally, you do not have to be a member of the Bar Association to attend the event.)  Then, call or meet with a Career Services Counselor to plan your strategy for creating your connection at the event! 

Dade County Bar Association – Prosecuting and Defending a Foreclosure Case in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit, June 27, 2011 

Labor and Employment Law CommitteeRecent Developments at the EEOC, Locally and Nationally, June 28, 2011

Real Property CommitteeCondominium Associations in Financial Distress Seminar, June 29, 2011

Business Law CommitteeDemystifying the Securities Law – A Practitioners Approach to Getting the Deal Done, June 29, 2011

Dade County Bar Association – Legal Line, July 6, 2011

Dade County Bar AssociationPassing the Gavel Ceremony for Judge Linda Ann Wells, July 14, 2011

Dade County Bar AssociationInvestiture of Victoria Brennan, July 15, 2011

Construction Law CommitteeCommercial General Liability Seminar, July 29, 2011

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