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Elements of a Social Media Strategy

First, consider the purpose of the particular social media platform.  Is it for professional or personal use?  Who is your target audience?  For personal use, Facebook is most popular.  For professional purposes, LinkedIn is the medium of choice.  When possible, limit yourself to those two.  Twitter is an option, but can be a minefield prone to accidental tweets, as demonstrated in recent politics. 

Next, choose your profile photo wisely.  For LinkedIn, a professional close-up headshot is preferable.  For Facebook, the photograph can be more informal, as long as you are appropriately attired and not engaging in any questionable acts.  Follow this same rule of thumb for all photos posted to your Facebook account, not just the profile shot.  As for the information in your profile, be selective in what you reveal.  If you would not want a potential employer to know certain information about you, you should not include it on Facebook.  Despite your privacy settings, employers often find ways to view your online posts, perhaps by having a mutual acquaintance who is a friend of yours pull up the page for them.  And remember that “digital dirt” can follow you for decades.   So keep it clean online! 

By following this simple social media strategy, you can optimize your marketability to law firms.  To get started, review your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts today and remove any unsuitable information.

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