Apply for Summer 2013 Clinics and Externships!

Applications are now available for summer 2013 clinics and externships. Clinics and externships are the best opportunities that you have in law school to get actual legal work experience. Legal work experience is the most important factor that employers look at when hiring a new attorney. Clinics and externships can also help you decide what kind of law you want to practice. Coastal strongly encourages all of its students to do at least one clinic, externship, or skills lab before they graduate.

The applications are attached to this email and are also available under their respective pages at: You can learn more about the clinic and externship opportunities at this link as well.
You must have completed all of your first year courses to be eligible for a credit bearing externship. You must have completed 48 credit hours, PR, and Evidence to be eligible for a clinic. In addition, some of the clinics require a clearance certificate from the Florida Bar to be eligible to be a Certified Legal Intern (CLI).

You can also hear more about our clinics and externships at the following informational meetings:
January 22 at noon in room 525
January 24 at 5:00 PM in room 465
January 25 at noon in room 515
January 29 at 3:00 in room 405

There will also be a separate informational meeting for Judicial Externships on:
January 28 at noon in room 250.

If you are interested in doing an externship outside of northeast Florida (i.e. a long distance externship) this summer, you will need to gain approval for the externship. You can apply for approval for a long distance externship by completing the appropriate form located on Sumplicity and the FCSL website. The deadline for applying for a long distance externship is April 12.

Please feel free to contact any of our Clinical Programs Professors with any questions regarding clinics and externships and the application process. I have provided their contact information below.

Professor Ericka Curran – Immigration Rights Clinic – 680-7650 –
Professor Lois Ragsdale – Criminal Defense Clinic – 680-7661 –
Professor Sarah Sullivan – Disability and Benefits Rights Clinic – 256-1243 –
Professor Laura Boeckman – Consumer Law Clinic and Judicial Externship Coordinator – 680-7654 –
Professor Natalie Tuttle – Family Law Clinic – 680-7644 –
Professor Ada Hammond – Non-Judicial Externship Coordinator – 256-1157 –

We look forward to working with you in one of the most exciting, valuable and rewarding experiences in your law school career!

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