A Note for parents of 3Ls and the Future Beyond Law School

It is easy to get caught up in the demands of law school, but for 3Ls it’s equally important to begin positioning themselves for their career after law school. 3Ls should be in the process of carefully selecting a geographic market in which to practice.

Encourage them to schedule an individual counseling appointment with a Career Services Counselor to discuss their job search strategy.They should then consider contacting the Alumni Relations Department to get connected with Coastal Law graduates in their city/state of choice and, if possible, schedule informational meetings or lunches with these alumni over Winter Break and be sure to do plenty of networking in that particular market over the holiday break.

3Ls should use resources like the CSD’s Document Library on Symplicity to search for attorneys who attended their college to network with and www.martindale.com to identify law firms for possible employment.

Parents of 3Ls, we encourage you to put on your thinking caps and introduce your future lawyer to everyone you know who is a lawyer or who knows a lawyer.

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