A level playing field for baseball and softball


A high school is facing Title IX problems after building a brand new baseball facility at it school, Westside High School.

The facility, described as top-notch by many, is in question because the same school’s girls softball team doesn’t receive the same type of quality. In fact, it plays its games on a city-owned field in Hillside — nowhere near the same treatment given to the boys.

A group of parents have stepped in on the issue. From The World-Herald:

“There’s a heightened awareness about girls softball complexes needing to have some of the same amenities as boys” baseball facilities, said Andy Rikli, Westside’s assistant superintendent for administrative operations.

As part of its research, the district consulted an attorney who specializes in Title IX issues, he said. The attorney concluded that there probably are inequities between the boys’ and girls’ facilities.

The district recognized even before the baseball complex was complete that the facility raised the bar — not just for softball, but for all sports, Rikli said. “Of course we want equitable facilities for all of our students, whether that’s volleyball or football.”

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