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What Motivates You to Go To Law School?

What Motivates Students to Go To Law School?

I was asked to write a blog about the “Value of attendance and Scholarship” as it relates to going to law school. I have to admit, at first, I was thrown by this request. Was I to keep it as simple as telling you to go class? Did you want another hack blog post on how to get a better law school scholarship and how to play the game? That would be too simple and probably even a little insulting to someone looking to go law school. Let’s “up” the game and start asking the real question. What motivates you?

External or Extrinsic Motivators To Go to Law School

When discussing motivation and law school, I get pulled into thinking about my favorite T.V. agent Ari Gold from the show Entourage. Ari is just a “lowly” Harvard grad with a J.D. /M.B.A from Michigan. One of his most memorable and honest quotes is, “Nobody’s happy in this town (L.A.) except for the losers. Look at me, I’m miserable, that’s why I’m rich.” This leads me to our first type of motivator, “external” or “extrinsic.” Extrinsic motivators include things like money, prestige, power, admiration. All of these “rewards” are external to the process of going to law school. To some, this is all they need. If you are this person, that’s okay. External rewards can induce interest and participation in something in which you had no initial concern. This seems a little backwards for a prospective student looking to spend the next three years of their lives doing nothing else but studying, going to class and dedicating any all free moments to learning the practice of law. If you are this person, this is something you might want to take a few minutes to think about.

Intrinsic Motivators  in Attending Law School

To be successful in law school, you will need to start with intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation involves engaging in a behavior because it is personally rewarding rather than the desire for some external reward. Our most successful students fall into this category. They are driven by an internal desire to practice law. They find the value in the Florida Coastal School of Law degree. Our motivation is intrinsic too. We promise to support and encourage the personal goals of each and every student. We’re not driven to move up a ranking by the same magazine that named Albuquerque the #1 city in America to live in. (Editor’s note: We are sure Albuquerque is a very nice city and we meant no disrespect to the people that live there. It’s not the city for me just like the top 14 law schools are not for everybody.) We’re driven by each student that walks into our classrooms, courtrooms, library and offices.

Finally, you’re probably asking, “Where is the scholarship portion of this blog?” Here it is. I recommend you do NOT go to a school that asks you, “What is it going to take (in terms of scholarship) to get you to deposit at my school. This is the #1 sign to turn and run as fast as you can.


Good luck with your law school search. If you want to talk to me about attending Coastal Law, shoot me an email ( or call the office and ask for Tony.

P.S. – As for happiness? Only you can figure that out. There are a lot of miserable lawyers out there. Guess what motivated them to attend law school.


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Success, Now at Coastal Law

A+ 851x315_5

There is one thing all successful people do. They take action. With a law school like Florida Coastal School of Law available to you, your ability to act on your legal education is more accessible than ever.

Diversity of Students. As one of the most diverse law schools in the nation, Coastal Law is home to students from all over the U.S. and all over the world.


We understand that for many hardworking people the demands of life don’t accommodate the demands of law school. That’s why we offer options.

Diversity of Programs. We’ve structured three programs to ensure that anyone with the grit to graduate from law school has a path to success. Choose the program that fits your goals:

Kenneth Jenkins succeeded at Coastal Law with three children, a wife and a job. Listen to his story now.

Location. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, just off of I-95, our non-traditional approach to legal education works for students who want to be change agents but don’t necessarily fit the mold of traditional law students

Classes for Fall are forming now. Call us at 1-800-769-2125 for more information. Be sure to ask about Saturday campus tour options!

View the 2015 -2016 academic calendar.


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Coastal Law Admissions Spotlight: Jennifer Alfonso

Jennifer Alonso Florida Coastal

Five, six, seven, eight! I take a deep breath and the music comes on. In an instant I am at peace and time seems to stop. Having danced my entire life, I lived for the moments I performed on stage. It was a way to not only lose myself but find myself at the same time.  With dance came discipline, focus, and determination to succeed.

Born and raised in Miami, after graduating high school I stayed home and attended Florida International University and pursued a career in broadcasting. I was fortunate to have danced for the Miami Heat throughout this time as well. I did not get the college experience of joining a sorority and attending football games on Saturday with my friends. Going from class to practice and internships in between I was always on a strict schedule, penciling in my entire day into my agenda.

Broadcasting was my dream, the next Erin Andrews I thought. I interned for NBC 6 Sports as well for Power 96, a local radio station in Miami. Junior year, I took a media in the law class and just like the feeling I got on stage, time stopped. I took a step back and realized I had a passion other than dance and broadcasting. Senior year, unbeknownst to my professors, I decided to apply to law school and close the curtain to my career as a journalist.

When I tell you law school was not the plan I was not an exaggerating.  I was not raised by a family of attorneys; my father and I were the first in our family to graduate from college, with me being the first in my family to become an attorney. In 2010, I was accepted to Florida Coastal School of Law and left everything I knew in Miami and took the stage as a 1L.

Law school was not easy by any means and there were many times I wanted to quit, but I always remembered how I felt when I could not get the right steps to my routine and how if I kept at it, I would be ok.

In my 1L year, I fell in love with Family Law then became a Child Advocate with the Guardian ad Litem program. My 2L year, I became very involved with on campus activities and joined Law Student Against Violence (LSAV) as well as the student newspaper, the Rainmaker. My free time did not go to hanging out with friends nor were my spring breaks spent vacationing somewhere. I took advantage of my time and volunteered and stayed busy any way I could.

Somehow being busy was second nature and all I knew. 3L year came and not only was I the President of LSAV, a student ambassador, but I was a Certified Legal Intern in the Family Law Clinic here on campus. It was then I realized that with my degree I could make a difference.

I graduated from Coastal Law with honors in pro bono as well as with a Family Law Certificate. Thinking I would be just another family law attorney, life yet again threw me a curveball and upon graduation I was lucky enough to work for both the Admissions Office at Coastal Law and clerk for my previous professor in the family law clinic as a law clerk.

I found a way to infuse working with students as well as my career in family law. I have since then received my certification in family law mediation by the Florida Supreme Court. Life does not always go as planned but life is a dance from one stage to the next and currently I’m center stage with the admissions team at Coastal Law.

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