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Coastal Law Admissions Spotlight: Dean of Admissions Tony Cardenas

Dean Tony Cardenas Florida Coastal School of Law

Welcome to the first ever Florida Coastal Admissions blog!  My name is Tony Cardenas and I’m the Associate Dean of Admissions here at Coastal Law.  On behalf of my entire office, thank you for visiting us online.  Since this is our first blog, I want to start by talking about “the why” behind the blog.  The decision to start an admissions blog was not an easy one for our office.  We went back and forth on the pros and cons.  What did we want to talk about?  Why do a blog now?  Would anybody read it? (You’re reading it, so at least we covered that one!)

The primary reason behind the decision to blog was for you to get to know us, but even more importantly, for us to get to know you.  Day in and day out, you are inundated with marketing messages about why you should go to law school and where you should go to law school.  The same old monologue coming at you on Facebook, email and websites can and does get really old.  Ask yourself this, do you really know the people behind the messages?  Do you know the school beyond what US News and World Report has told you?  This is your opportunity to take a deeper dive into what we’re about and what we have to offer as a law school.

Dean of Admissions Florida Coastal School of Law


Between now and the start of classes this August, the Admissions office is going to blog about topics related to law school and law school admissions.  My team will talk about their experiences as students at Florida Coastal, their favorite professors, their biggest fears and their greatest successes.  We’ll look to break the monologue and create a dialogue with you, our prospective students.  Like I mentioned before, you’ll get to know the people behind the marketing messages.  We’ll introduce you to faculty members that do incredible work in the legal field.  We’ll brag about our #1 nationally ranked and current national champion moot court team.  Finally, we’ll introduce to alumni that serve in elected positions, those leading international companies like Wal-Mart as well as those whom have started their own firms.

This is a very exciting time at Florida Coastal.  We are making some very big changes in the way we recruit and admit students all the way to offering new clinical and certificate course offerings.  Our faculty is busy working on a new curriculum that will transform a traditional legal education into one that will be sustainable well into the future.  We will bring all of these new innovations to you through this forum.  I am looking forward to sharing this here as well as answering your questions and listening to your feedback.



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Clinical Program Offerings for Fall

New Sections of PR and Financial Literacy have been added to the schedule – check to see if you might now be able to fit a clinic or externship into your schedule.



Disabilities & Public Benefits Clinic available for 4 or 5 credits

Class time Monday and Wednesday 10:00 to 12:00

Job # 9151

Business & Entrepreneurial Clinic available for 3 credits

Class time: Tuesday and Thursday 2 to 3 30

Job # 9152


Immigrant & Human Rights Clinic available for 4 or 5 credits

Class Time: Friday 9: 30 to 1: 30

Job # 9153


Criminal Defense Clinic available for 4 credits

Class 1 to 3 Tuesday and Thursday ( Court Tuesday a.m. and Friday a.m.)

Job # 9150


Family Law Clinic available for 4 or 5 credits

Class time: Monday and Wed 3: 45 to 5: 45

Job# 9149


Caribbean Law 3 credits

Class time: Tue and Thur 10:00 to 11:21

Job #9154

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