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Southeastern Minority Job Fair (SEMJF)

Registration for SEMJF will begin on April 2, 2014 and will end on April 18, 2014. Students can register on Symplicity at

Registration is FREE! On May 15th, students will  be able to view the list of employers SEMJF Symplicityparticipating and will be able to apply for opportunities on SEMJF Symplicity. Only students selected to interview with employers or as an alternate are allowed to attend the job fair.

Registration includes providing the following information:
• First, Middle, and Last Name
• Email Address
• Graduation Date
• Class Year: 1L, 2L, 3L

Job Fair Details

When:  Friday, July 25  & Saturday, July 26, 2014
Where: Hyatt Regency Suites Perimeter Northwest in Marietta, Georgia

Should you have additional questions, feel free to contact Amber Donley at

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Northwestern Athletes Gain Employee Status And Can Bargain As A Union

An Administrative Law Judge with the National Labor Relations Board has held that football players at Northwestern University fall within the definition of “employees” under the NLRB Act. The ruling also held that they can be represented by the College Athlete Players Association (i.e. a union) and bargain for working conditions (i.e. hours, health benefits, and compensation, etc.). The ALJ found that the players were working far more hours at sports than academics, dominated by non-faculty, and have scholarships only if they participated in the sport. In the Judge’s view, that leads to the conclusion that the relationship was more economic than educational. The life lessons associated with teamwork and perseverance were incidental. The decision is likely to be appealed to the NLRB Board. For discussion of the implications of this ruling, see the Forbes article by Professor Groves at,  and one of his TV station interviews:

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Upcoming Events!

3L Minority Boot Camp BootCamp

Are you prepared for life after law school?  If life is coming at you fast as graduation nears, then be sure to attend this workshop on Tuesday, March 25 from 12:00 PM-1:30 PM in room 515. Topics of discussion include job search strategies, bar preparation, as well as character and fitness. In addition, the program will include a panel of recent graduates to discuss their journey after Coastal. This will be a candid discussion on what you can expect and steps that you must take to have a smooth transition. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP on Symplicity.

Being Out and Being Proud: From Law School to Law Practice

LAMBDA, Career Services and Multicultural Affairs Committee presents a panel on LGBTQI community and diversity. The issues will range from professionalism, attire, assimilating into the workplace, diversity initiatives in the workplace, and partner benefits. It will take place on Thursday, March 27 at 12:00 PM in room 550.

You can e-mail questions for the panel to Please RSVP on Symplicity.


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Spring into reading with one of the Library’s new books!

Spring is coming and what is more enjoyable than cozying up in a comfortable seat and reading a good book? We have plenty of new books in the library. Stop by the library and look at the New Book display, near the reference desk! All books in the display are available for check out–you do not have to wait until they are removed from the display.

To view a table listing the new print resources that the library received since the start of February, 2014, click Continue reading below. Most of the items listed there can be found in the General Collection and checked out for up to three weeks by members of the Coastal Community.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to stop by the Reference Desk on the third floor of the Library & Technology Center or contact the Reference Librarians via email, telephone (904.680.7612), or the Ask a Librarian form.

If you think we should consider adding something to the collection, please feel free to recommend it here (Coastal ID login required).

The elements of style / William Strunk, Jr. PE1408 .S772 2013 fcbp
Modern trial advocacy : analysis and practice / Steven Lubet, Williams Memorial Professor of Law, Northwestern University School of Law Chicago, Illinois ; Including Electronic Visuals By Edward R. Stein. KF8915 .L82 2013 fcgg
Reducing gun violence in America : informing policy with evidence and analysis / edited by Daniel W. Webster, and Jon S. Vernick. HV7436 .R4152 2013 fcgg
Reform of eyewitness identification procedures / edited by Brian L. Cutler. HV8073 .R483 2013 fcgg
Law librarianship in the digital age / edited by Ellyssa Kroski. Z675.L2 L3839 2014 fcgg
No establishment of religion : America’s original contribution to religious liberty / edited by T. Jeremy Gunn, John Witte, Jr. BL2525 .N6 2012 fcgg
Legal writing / Terrill Pollman, Professor of Law, William S. Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Judith M. Stinson, Clinical Professor of Law, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University; Elizabeth Pollman, Associate Professor of Law Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. KF250 .L398 2014 fcbp

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Clinics Are Still Accepting Applications!

Have you received your Notice of Registrant Clearance?job_openings

Will you have completed 48 credit hours by the beginning of summer?

Are you looking for legal experience this summer?

If you answered yes to all three questions, check out the below listings on Symplicity (under job postings).

The clinics listed below are still taking applicants for the summer! This is a great way to get real legal work experience!

–          Family Law Clinic (posting #7940)

–          Criminal Defense Clinic (posting #7942)

For questions about applications, please see Career Services. If you have specific questions about the clinics, please see Professor Tuttle (Family Law Clinic) or Professor Ragsdale (Criminal Defense Clinic).

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Court Rejects IRS Attempts to Regulate Tax-Return Preparers

Although the court concluded in Loving, et al. v. IRS, et al. that it may be wise as a policy matter to allow the IRS to regulate tax-return preparers more stringently, the court held firm to its traditional tools of statutory interpretation and ruled that Section 330 did not allow for such regulation.  Section 330 authorizes the IRS to “regulate the practice of representatives of persons before the Department of the Treasury.”  The IRS interpreted the statute to mean that it authorized the regulation of tax-return preparers.  However, three independent tax-return preparers argued that the interpretation of the IRS exceeded the agency’s authority under the statute.  The court decided to handle the issue of whether Section 330 gives the IRS authority to regulate tax-return preparers by employing all of the tools of statutory interpretation.  These tools include text, structure, purpose, and legislative history.

First, the court found that the term “representatives” in the statute should not include tax-return preparers because a representative is traditionally someone who has the authority to bind others.  Tax-return preparers cannot legally bind the taxpayer by acting on the taxpayer’s behalf.  Second, the phrase “practice…before the Department of the Treasury” ordinarily refers to practice during an investigation, adversarial hearing, or other adjudicative proceeding, which is different from the process of filing a tax return.  Next, the court considers the history of the statute.  The original language of the statute enacted in 1884 would not encompass tax-return preparers.  The statute specified the agency’s regulation of “agents, attorneys, or other persons representing claimants before his Department…otherwise competent to advise and assist such claimants in the presentation of their cases.”  Furthermore, when Congress re-codified the statute, it made it clear that there was no substantive change.  Therefore, the court held that the traditional tools of statutory interpretation rendered the IRS’s interpretation of Section 330 unreasonable and thus affirmed the judgment of the District Court.

By Ashley Ellerbe, JD,cum laude, from Florida Coastal School of Law, May 2013, , Practicing in Atlanta GA.

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