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and the beat goes on

Well, the semester is officially over as of today. . .and, yet, we still have clients, cases, court hearings. In fact, we have depositions tomorrow afternoon of two hospital employees. Should be interesting. This semester has been not only interesting, but energizing. . .a not guilty verdict for one client after a jury trial; and two dismissals after successful motions to dismiss were filed in two separate cases. So, this group of clinicians has seen the gamut; and didn’t run away screaming. So, it’s all good & the beat goes on.

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Resources for Exploring an In-House Career

SuccessIf  you aspire to work in-house, one of the best things that you can do now, in addition to internships and externships, is to stay current on issues relevant to in-house lawyers. Check out InsideCounsel and the network’s Corporate Counsel. Both websites allow you to register for free email alerts that deliver the latest news and trends affecting the in-house counsel world directly to your inbox. On the InsideCounsel website, click the eNewsletter tab at the top to sign up for email alerts. To register for the Corporate Counsel alerts, click the alert icon on the homepage. Also, check out the ABA’s list of in-house counsel blogs.

As the summer winds down, take some time to review these resources and learn more about working in-house to determine whether it is a path you want to pursue. In addition to checking Symplicity regularly for job opportunities, check out for in-house attorney job postings. includes entry level positions and internships.

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Are you Tech Savvy enough? Are you sure?

There has been a decent amount of press about Kia’s tech audit of their attorneys.  Basically, they gave the attorneys they employed or were considering employing a test to see if they could do basic technical tasks.  None of them passed.  Not one.  And Kia did not hire firms or paid them less based on their failure.

If you need to know how to do something technical – learn!  There are literally thousands of tutorials available to you on the web for free.  Search for things like how to Bates stamp documents video or how to use sort and filter using Excel video or how to use style and template in Word.  Basically, look for tutorials on topics you don’t know about – Adobe and the Microsoft Office Suite are a good place to start.  If you want more thoughts – look at a site you have to pay for to see what videos they offer.  Then you can search for those types of videos or pay if you have to.

No matter how you do it, brush up on your tech skills early and often!

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Hot Practice Areas

There are a number of practice areas that are starting to grow.  Hillary Mantis, writing for the Help WantedNational Jurist, asked Carmen Grossman of Major Lindsay & Africa, a nationwide legal recruitment firm, what areas of the law she is seeing hiring recently and she mentioned a few below.

**Real Estate.

**Corporate practices are busy right now and there has been an upswing in transactional work.

**Health Care, especially in the regulatory area.

**Energy is busy right now, especially in Texas.

**Intellectual Property, especially in the technology area.

**Cities Showing Growth.  Research your job market thoroughly and consider practicing where there is growth.

Want to find out more?  Drop by the CSD, send us an email at or call us at 680-7744 to schedule an appointment.

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Interviewers’ Pet Peeves

So, you’ve landed an interview for a position and you want to be prepared. Make sure, then, to avoid things that may jeopardize your chances.Pet Peeves

1. Showing up late. If being late is unavoidable, make sure you call and explain the reason. Do not, though, run behind due to your lack of planning–it implies you will not be able to make deadlines and is unacceptable to employers. Plan ahead, figure out where the interview is located and get an early start.

2. Lack of preparation. This is the single biggest complaint of interviewers and indicates to them that you may not be ready for the responsibillities of the position. Make sure you have copies of your resume, have researched the position and the firm, and are dressed appropriately.

3. Dressing inappropriately or wearing too much perfume/cologne. Please consult the Career Services Handbook for tips.

4. The inability to answer multiple questions or failing to answer the question asked. This is where preparation comes into play–if you have researched and prepared some answers in advance to possible questions, you will not be caught off guard. If you don’t know the answer, say so, and let them know that you will find out the answer. With regard to failing to answer the question asked–practice your listening skills and during an interview directly answer the question asked, do not go off on tangents.

5. Talking too much. While you are probably nervous, answer the question at hand and then stop unless encouraged by the interviewer to go on.

6. Lack of eye contact. Again, everyone understands you are nervous, by you must greet the interviewer with a handshake, a smile, and eye contact. This eye contact should continue for the duration of the interview. Practice if you have to.

7. Not having questions ready to ask the interviewer. Nothing says lack of interest more than you not having a few well thought out questions ready to ask your interviewer.

Need help preparing for your interview?  Contact our office at 680-7744 or to schedule an appointment with a counselor today!

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2014 Equal Justice Works Fellowship Application Now Open!

The 2014 Equal Justice Works Fellowship application is now open and will close on September 17, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. EDT.

Each year the Equal Justice Works fellowship competition selects qualified and passionate lawyers who have developed new and innovative legal projects that can impact lives and serve communities in desperate need of legal assistance.

Depending on funding, EJW provides between 45-55 two-year fellowships annually. Fellows receive a competitive salary, generous loan repayment assistance, connections to their prominent sponsors and leaders of the private and public interest bars, participation in trainings, and additional support during their two-year tenure.

Click here to:

Visit the Equal Justice Works website to learn more.

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Looking for some summer reading?

If you are like many law students, a few days after finals are over you start to become bored and look for things to do. You want to do something productive, but can’t bring yourself to jump into your textbook and start case briefing just yet. Why not take a look at the great legal information available on the American Bar Association website? The American Bar Association (ABA) has a Law Student division that highlights legal news geared towards law students. They have a calendar that lists writing competitions or other events that may interest you. They even have job boards and career building resources. It is a great place to keep up on your student legal news.

Not a  member? For $25 for one year or $60 for three years you can join the Law Student Division. Did I mention members also receive discounts on ABA publications? Why are you waiting?

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Summer Alumni Chapter Event Updates

As the summer rolls on, there are a few remaining alumni chapter events to look forward to.  All Minglestudents are welcome to attend these events, which are great networking opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere. 

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U.S. Army JAG Corps on Campus Sept. 12-13!

Students and Alumni: We’re excited to welcome back an Army JAG Corps representative onU.S. Army Officer Cap Badge campus on Thursday and Friday, September 12-13.  Sign up for an OCI opportunity in Symplicity under the OCI tab until Thursday, August 29th.  These interviews are an opportunity to make a first impression upon a Judge Advocate, obtain interview experience and learn about a career in the military JAG. This interview is informational and, therefore, there is no selection process.  All applicants will be interviewed.  Please only apply if you plan to attend an interview. Additionally, this interview is crucial for those who wish to apply for active duty, as the application deadline is November 1, 2013.   

To learn more about Army JAG, visit Please ensure that you have reviewed this website prior to your interview.

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Little Known Federal Court Ruling Hints At NCAA Showdown With Current Student Athletes

It’s one thing to have a federal lawsuit by former so-called student athletes against the NCAA. It’s quite another to have current players suing the premier college sports regulator.  And it is even more cataclysmic if the case is certified as a class action allowing innumerable student athletes to share the consequences. That is the revolution that some have advocated for decades. Yet an unceremonious court ruling days ago lighting a match to this war has been little more than a back page blurb or a verbal footnote in talk radio and sportscasts.

The discreet little ruling last week was from federal judge Claudia Wilken in a case where the lead plaintiff is former UCLA star basketball player Ed O’Bannon. He and several other former players claim the NCAA has been fixing the price of an athlete’s image and likeness in a way that virtually eliminates a player from sharing in the value they created. The suit alleges the NCAA colludes with its member schools, TV networks and videogame manufacturers in violation of anticompetitive provisions of federal antitrust law. The claimed relief includes a share of the billions in revenue generated from the current system.\

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