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Florida Coastal Clinic Professors In Leadership roles at the Annual Florida Bar Meeting

In addition to teaching and supervising students on client legal cases Florida Coastal’ s Clinical professors are active in service to the profession. This week Professors Sullivan, Boeckman and Curran attended the Annual Convention of the Florida Bar. The Bar holds two meetings each year to give members an opportunity to network, attend section and committee meetings and attend seminars with respected legal scholars.
Both Professors Boeckman and Sullivan have been active in leadership roles with the Florida Bar for a number of years. Professor Boeckman has served as both the chair of the Public Interest Law Section (PILS) and Consumer Law Committee. This year Prof. Boeckman will serve as the chair-elect of PILS. She is also finishing a three year term on the Small Claims Rule committee and will be reappointed to the Consumer Protection Law Committee where she previously served for 6 years including one year as the chair of that committee.
Prof. Sullivan is on the Executive Council of the Public Interest Law Section and the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar. Under PILS, she is the Disability Committee chair. Under the Family Law Section, Professor Sullivan is the Chair of the Publications Committee and as such, is responsible for all publications submitted on behalf of the Family Law Section including the Commentator and Section articles for the Florida Bar Journal. Professor Sullivan is finishing up a four-year appointment to the Student Education and Admissions to the Bar Committee and has previously served four years on the Family Law Rules Committee in which she was also the Vice-Chair.

This is Professor Curran’s first year participating in the Florida Bar meetings. Professor Curran has served on the board of American Immigration Lawyers Association of Central Florida for a number of years and has always hoped to get more involved with the Florida bar. With the potential for immigration reform she felt this year was the year to get more involved. Professor Curran will be serving on the Public Interest Law section Executive Committee and hopes to increase pro bono representation for indigent immigrants.

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Update Your Information on Symplicity!

Students and Alumni: remember to log onto Symplicity and update your profile in order to view the latest news, such as job postings and OCIs, that are pertinent to you!  It’s important to updateSymplicity information like your class year, expected graduation date and geographic preferences, which are not updated automatically.  While the CSD will change class years and expected graduation dates for students each summer, it is necessary for each student to ensure that this information is correct.  If it is not, you have the ability to change this under your “Academic Profile” tab.  The ability to request a counseling appointment on Symplicity will resume in the Fall! 

If you have questions about Symplicity, please contact Tara Block at or 680.7744.

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New Resume Collect Opportunities for 2Ls & 3Ls!

We have two new Resume Collect opportunities for students!

Medimix Specialty Pharmacy

Eligible: 2Ls, 3Ls
Position: Part-Time Legal Intern
Areas of Practice: In-House, Healthcare (Pharmacy), Tax
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Compensation: $13.00/hour
Required Qualifications: Top 25% of class; interest in healthcare law (specifically pharmacy law); interest in research
Preferred Qualifications: Healthcare background
Application Material: Resume, Cover Letter (addressed to Caroline Cowan, Esq.), Writing Sample, OCI Agreement*
Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, July 10, 2013
How to Apply: Submit your application via Symplicity under the OCI tab**

Hopping Green & Sams

Eligible: 2Ls
Position: 2014 Summer Associate
Areas of Practice: Environmental & Land Use
Location: Tallahassee, FL
Compensation: Paid
Required Qualifications: Top 20% of class
Preferred Qualifications: Law Review, Moot Court
Application Material: Resume, Cover Letter (addressed to Ms. Trina Lee), Unofficial Transcript, Writing Sample, OCI Agreement*
Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, August 4, 2013
How to Apply: Submit your application via Symplicity under the OCI tab**

*If you do not submit your signed OCI Agreement Form with your application materials and it has not been previously submitted on Symplicity, you will not be considered for an OCI or Resume Collect.

**We strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our counselors on Symplicity to review your application materials prior to applying to any OCI. Your appointment should take place at least 48 hours prior to the application deadline date so that you have time to edit your documents before applying.

Be sure to call us and schedule your appointment today!  We can be reached at 680.7744, or drop by and schedule an appointment in person in Room 180.

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Where do I find citation information?

This is a question we get a lot! While you can always check the Bluebook, it’s not always straight forward. There are several books to help you in your quest to understand the Bluebook:

That’s all fine and dandy for law school, but what about citation in practice? In Florida, the state court practice rules are in the Rules of Appellate Procedure. You can generally find the court practice rules for citation at the court’s websitebar association website, or at LII (The Legal Information Institute).

Need the citation rules for another state? No problem! LII has you covered. Or do search for the state’s bar association or court website. Still can’t find it? You can always contact us at the reference desk at or 904.680.7612.

Have fun citing!

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Immigrant Rights Clinic Students Participate in World Refugee Day Celebrations

world refugee day us cit
Immigrant Rights Clinic Students from Florida Coastal attended a Naturalization ceremony and celebration sponsored by Jacksonville’s Refugee Task Force.
Students found the ceremony and performances by the Refugees moving and inspirational.
On June 20th Coastal students also viewed the film “The Lost Boys of Sudan”, an educational film about the refugee story.

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Landing an Interview

If you are trying to land an interview, here are some tips to getting the interview and getting hired.

1.  Research each firm carefully.  Let the firm know you are interested and why you are a good fit.  Ensure you do your homework on the practice areas or specialties of the firm and the attorney with whom you will be interviewing.  They can tell if you are prepared and interested in them, or if you are just winging it.  If you show you are serious, you will be received more warmly.

2.   Be enthusiastic!  If you know you would absolutely accept an offer from the firm, let them know in your interview, thank you note, and in any follow up you may have. 

3.   Be sure your resume, cover letter and thank you notes are perfect.  If they see misspellings, typos, or grammatical errors, your application will be dismissed.  It is that simple.  Please ensure you review your documents with your Career Services Counselor prior to submission.  Please call 256-7744 to make an appointment.

4.   To better your chances, consider applying to firms that are located a little farther away from your desired locale.  You will still be in the area, and you will have the benefit of  a wider variety of firms.

5.   Network.  You can join the local bar association and then get involved.  Most voluntary bar associations will welcome you as a Student Member.  You will have the opportunity to meet many practicing attorneys who may remember you when they hear of an opportunity or position.

6.   Be a leader.  Emphasize in your resume and then in interviews leadership roles you have held or your local voluntary bar involvement.  Firms are looking for those people who know how to network successfully and will be able to bring in future business.

7.   Be ready to give examples during an interview of how you may have solved a problem, showed leadership or acted as a team player in the past.  Don’t be surprised if employers ask a question of this sort and be prepared with an answer.

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Consumer Law Clinic Starts Semester with Fee Hearing

The Consumer Law Clinic got off to a busy start this summer.  Just two weeks into the semester, Chauntel Grant argued a Motion for Attorney’s Fees and Costs in a foreclosure case.  After four years of litigation, the plaintiff voluntarily dismissed its foreclosure action against one of the Clinic’s clients.  Since the plaintiff dismissed, the Clinic’s client is the prevailing party and therefore entitled to fees.

Chauntel Grant argued in a 45 minute hearing the Clinic’s entitlement to fees and questioned a fee expert who testified to the reasonableness of the fees.  All of the Consumer Law Clinic students attended the hearing and lent their support and assistance in preparing for the hearing. We are still waiting on the judge’s ruling and are optimistic it will be a favorable decision. Next, the Clinic currently has three foreclosure cases set for trial and a deposition in July.  It is shaping up to be a busy and very educational summer!

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Yay…it’s officially SUMMER…

summer 2so now what?? Hopefully you have a summer externship or internship or are getting some volunteer experience. Remember, we recommend you obtain at least 400 hours of legal work experience before graduation. Summer is also a great time to start thinking about what you’ll do next year! Remember that most, if not all, government internships have very early deadlines. You can start looking at the Government Honors & Internship Handbook over the summer to identify jobs of interest to you. The Career Services Office is open all summer from 9-5, so feel free to call or come in to discuss your plans for the upcoming year.

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Don’t Forget Secondary Sources

Librarians often tell students to start researching with secondary sources. Secondary sources are a great starting point for researching an unfamiliar area, providing a narrative explanation of complex concepts, giving citations to primary authority, and commentary on cutting edge legal issues. Something we don’t discuss that secondary sources can provide confirmation that there is no clear rule or guidance on an issue or common sense answer. In these instances, secondary sources are not our starting point, but rather our last ditch effort to find something, anything, to confirm that which is suspected as true. Recently a CLE (Continuing Legal Education) book confirmed for a researcher that there is no clear answer to a lien question. The book was found by using our catalog and searching for the larger concepts (association and Florida). Roaming the shelves is another great way to find secondary sources in print. We have a call number list on some of the shelves on the second floor that can help narrow this type of search.

Of course, secondary sources, including many CLEs, are available in Westlaw and Lexis, Hein Online, and sometimes in Google Books. It is important to remember that many secondary source titles are only available through one database. So, Tax Analyst titles are only available on Lexis, whereas WGL titles are only available in Westlaw. So it often a good idea as a student, who has educational access both Westlaw and Lexis, to search both vendors if information is still needed.

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