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In the Library this Week (April 15th – 21st)

– Westlaw Prepare to Practice – Certification Part 2 Training;
– Possible noise in the Library on Friday (8am-1pm) as we participate in Alumni Weekend events.

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Public Service Recognition Week May 5-11, 2013

Public Service Recognition Week Public Service Recognition Week is coming up May 5-11. This week is an annual celebration honoring the men and women who serve our nation as federal, state, county and local government employees.  Agencies use this week to showcase the programs and services they provide .Included in the events of the week is a town hall discussion where Federal agency leaders will discuss the value of government service, how to communicate that value to the American people, and ways to support and motivate employees in this challenging and uncertain environment. The discussion will be moderated by Cokie Roberts. This town hall will be held on Monday, May 6 at 1:00 p.m. It will be a great opportunity for you to “meet” some heavy hitters in government service and to learn about their various organizations. For information on how to RSVP for the live stream of this event, please see the announcement portion of Symplicity. Spots are limited, so please RSVP quickly if you want to participate.

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Legal Diversity Career Fair and the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) are hosting the 8th Annual Legal Diversity Career Fair in Washington DC and you are invited to attend!

This is a great opportunity for 2Ls who have not yet committed to a firm or other employer for summer 2014, laterals interested in new positions, and rising 3Ls seeking entry-level associate positions to meet with top legal employers from firms and organizations committed to diversity. There are no fees associated with participation at the career fair and all students and laterals are welcome to attend.

For more information and to register please visit:

Date: Friday, August 2, 2013  

Location: Capitol Hilton, 1001 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036     

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Registration is required and must be completed online by July 31, 2013. After such time candidates can register on-site at the hotel.

Employers have access to resumes in advance of the career fair and may schedule one on one interviews during exhibit hall hours. In such cases employers will contact candidates directly to arrange these meetings.

There is no bid process to attend the career fair.

 •Candidates should come prepared with copies of their resumes, transcripts and any other writing materials to share with employers.

Lunch is complimentary.

 •Dress code is business attire.


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Earn Credits while Gaining Valuable Legal Work Experience this Summer!

Summer credit-bearing Externship opportunities across the country are available NOW for students to apply to!  A few examples of externship opportunities include:lawyer

  • Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County
  • Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program
  • State Attorney’s Office, 15th Judicial Circuit
  • Indiana Department of Natural Resources
  • Central Jersey Legal Services

Log onto Symplicity and click on “Jobs” for all the latest opportunities.  Act fast as deadlines are quickly approaching!  Remember to target your cover letter to an individual if a cover letter is required. 

If you are looking for job search help locally or in other states, don’t forget to schedule an appointment with us and be sure to take a look at the Document Library in Symplicity for other helpful resources nationwide.  Questions about earning academic credit in an externship?  Contact our office at to find out more.

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Top 12 Tax Scams of 2013

Contributor: Brittney Trigg, Florida Coastal School of Law JD and business law certificate candidate 2014, law clerk for Law Offices of Xavier Saunders, P.A.

Every year the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) issues a list of tax scams called the “Dirty Dozen” to remind taxpayers to protect themselves against a wide range of schemes during tax season. This year the IRS has just listed the following “Dirty Dozen” tax scams:
1. Identity Theft

Identity is number one on the Dirty Dozen list. Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal information, such as your name and Social Security number (SSN), without your permission, to commit fraud or other crimes. The IRS actively protects victims of identity theft by conducting identity theft enforcement sweeps. Taxpayers who believe they are at risk of identity theft should contact the IRS immediately so the agency can take action to secure their tax account. IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit 800-908-4490

2. Phishing

Phishing is a scam typically carried out with the help of unsolicited emails or fake websites that pose as legitimate sites to bait possible victims and prompt them to provide personal and financial information. This allows criminals to use the information to commit financial theft.

3. Return Preparer Fraud

60 percent of taxpayers use tax professionals to prepare their tax returns.  Some tax preparers prey on taxpayers to commit refund fraud. For example, a fraudulent tax preparer might direct deposit a victim’s refund check into the preparer’s own bank account.

4. Hiding Income Offshore

Numerous individuals evade U.S. taxes by hiding income in offshore banks and other accounts.

5. “Free Money” from the IRS and Tax Scams

Flyers and advertisements for free money from the IRS, suggesting that the taxpayer can file a tax return with little or no documentation, have been appearing in communities around the nation. The tax preparer will falsely prepare returns for people with little or no income, and promise them invalid tax credits.

6. Impersonation of Charitable Organizations

This is another scam that occurs after a major natural disaster. Scam artists impersonate charities to get money or private information.

7. False/Inflated Income and Expenses

This occurs when people lie about their income and expenses on their taxes.

8. False Form 1099 Refund Claims

Do not file false forms and watch out for Form 1099-OID

9. Frivolous Arguments

Some promoters encourage taxpayers to make outlandish and unreasonable claims to avoid paying the taxes that they owe.

10. Falsely Claiming Zero Wages

Filing a phony information return is an illegal way to lower the amount of taxes an individual owes.

11. Disguised Corporate Ownership

Third parties are improperly used to request employer identification numbers and form corporations that obscure the true ownership of the business. These entities can be used to underreport income, claim fake deductions, and commit several other financial crimes.

12. Misuse of Trusts

Trusts have been misused by transferring assets into trust funds to lower income tax liability.

For more details:

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Publicly Traded Companies Can Use Social Media to Disclose Material, Non Public Information

By contributor Brittney Trigg: Florida Coastal School of Law JD and business law certificate candidate 2014, law clerk for Law Offices of Xavier Saunders, P.A.

Publicly traded companies can now use social media as a way to disclose material, non public information, and be in compliance with Regulation FD.  The company must give investors proper notice of the site that the company will use to disclose that information. Regulation FD and Section 13(a) of the Exchange Act prohibit public companies or persons acting on their behalf, from selectively disclosing material non-public information to certain securities professionals, or shareholders where it is reasonably forseeable that they will trade on that information, before it is made available to the general public. Regulation FD protects against insider trading.

A publicly traded company must disclose all material information to the public, and for purposes of complying with Regulation FD, a company makes public disclosure when it distributes information “through a recognized channel of distribution.” Instead of disclosure through the usual press release or a Form 8-K, companies can now use channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or other social media websites. The SEC recently launched an investigation of Netflix, Inc. because the company’s CEO, Reed Hastings posted on his personal Facebook page an announcement that Netflix had streamed 1 billion hours of content in the month of June. Neither Netflix, Inc. nor Hastings had previously used Facebook to disclose information. Nor had they informed shareholders that Facebook would be used to disclose information about Netflix.

The post was not accompanied by a press release or a securities filing (Form 8-K). But Hastings claims that his personal Facebook page is readily available to the public, especially because he has over 200,000 followers, and the post was picked up on several blogs and news posts. After the investigation, the SEC liberalized its policy and said that Facebook and other social media websites were in fact a “recognized channel of distribution.”

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Antenna Company Threatens Traditional Broadcast Rights and Revenue.

By Contributor Roger M. Groves, Professor of Law and Director of the Business Law Program at Florida Coastal School of Law.

A small startup company, Aereo, provides a method of streaming broadcast TV through a browser. It provides a DVR in a cloud storage system by micro-version TV antennas, thereby rebroadcasting programming content found in the public airwaves.  Aero has recently been sued by a contingent of broadcasters, including Fox, Univision, and PBS and a majority of the media outlets in New York City. The claim is that Aereo infringes of their copyrights. The broadcasters seek an injunction to immediately stop Aereo’s activities and attendant monetary damages.

The economic crux of the dispute is that Aereo provides this service for only $12 a month. This allegedly threatens the substantial license fees and advertising revenue the broadcasters generate from cable companies.  To view the complaint in this case see the link:


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Tennessee Football Program Cited for NCAA Violations

By Contributor Brittany N. White: Florida Coastal School of Law JD and Sports Law Certificate Program Candidate 2014, former intern for Cashmere Agency (Entertainment Marketing).

The NCAA has ruled that a former University of Tennessee assistant football coach has violated NCAA rules for knowingly collaborating with a booster to provide impermissible travel and lodging to prospective student athletes. According to the Division I Committee on Infractions, the former assistant coach developed a relationship with the booster of the football program that ultimately led to the violation involving the prospect and his mother.

Although aware of his unethical conduct, the former coach failed to disclose his involvement to university staff and the NCAA enforcement staff.
The conduct by the former assistant coach is entrenched in the football violations found in the committee of infraction’s decision issued in August of 2011. For more detailed information, please see

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Why Was My Resume Rejected?

The recently published an article detailing the reasons why resumes are rejected.  The at-a-glance statistics below provide great food for thought.  To read the entire article, click herewhy-resumes-are-rejected

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Top 10 Things To Know About The National Championship Game

1. The Michigan Punch from the Bench. Michael “Spike” Albrecht. A barely recruited youngster who averaged less than two points a game put on Superman’s cape and rained 3 pointers from Midtown Atlanta with perfection (4 for 4).

… read on for the rest of Roger’s list at SportsMoney.

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