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F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Scholarships

F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Scholarships

The F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association (the “Association”) is seeking applicants for its bar preparation scholarships. The Association provides scholarships to offset bar examination preparation expenses for economically disadvantaged black third-year law students who demonstrate a commitment to excellence. The awards will be presented at the 12th Annual William M. Holland Scholarship Luncheon that will be held on Saturday February 23, 2013, in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Association will award two $1,500 scholarships to eligible students and one $1,000 scholarship from the Law Office of Salesia V. Smith-Gordon to an eligible student from Florida A&M College of Law.

Applications are available in the information rack in front of Career Services.

Deadline: January 11, 2013

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Make the Most of Your Winter Break (part two)

The winter break is an ideal time to establish or enhance your social networking presence.  Social networking is no longer the wave of the future, it is our reality today!  Lawyers are joining the major social networking sites at a faster rate than ever before.  It’s no secret that it is challenging to land the job of your dreams in today’s market, but developing a strong professional social networking presence is one way that you can distinguish yourself from the competition.  The first step is to establish profiles on each of the top three social networking sites – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Facebook: While Facebook has not historically been used for professional social networking, there has been a shift toward using Facebook for professional purposes, and many law firms and companies now have Facebook pages that you can follow, so I recommend updating your profile to ensure that all pictures and posts project a professional appearance.  Then, start following law firms and organizations that interest you. 

LinkedIn: Since LinkedIn is recognized as the primary site for professional social networking, you are at a distinct disadvantage in the job market if you do not have a LinkedIn profile.  Create a profile and include a headshot that looks professional (it does not have to be taken by a professional photographer – you can use a nice amateur photo and crop it so that it only shows your face).  Write a summary that highlights your accomplishments in law school and your future goals.  Include all relevant prior employment and experiential learning, including clinics and externships.  Then, research and join groups that match your professional interests and groups that are in your target market.  Don’t forget alumni groups from your undergraduate institution and Florida Coastal.  And start making connections!  Connect with people you know and people you want to know, and be sure to customize your invitation so that people know why you want to connect with them.  The goal in making connections on LinkedIn as a student is to establish meaningful relationships with practitioners who can be resources for you, even if they do not have job opportunities within their organizations.  The best way to turn someone away is to come right out and tell them that you are connecting with them because you are looking for a job.  Under the News tab on LinkedIn, you can also follow specific industries and publications, and LinkedIn will customize the articles that you see based on your preferences.  This is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the industries that interest you. 

Twitter: Twitter is another site that is being used by more and more lawyers every day.  It offers a vehicle to connect with people and follow the latest news in any given industry.  You can use Twitter as a hybrid of professional and personal social networking.  I follow professional contacts, companies, and legal publications as well as sports programs, celebrities, and local organizations.  Creating a Twitter profile is simple, and you can use the same picture that you use for your LinkedIn profile.  Check out the people that I am following for ideas of who to follow (@afourmangator).  Also, click here to read an article from InsideCounsel discussing why all lawyers should use Twitter.

Once you are up and running, remember that the key to social networking is meaningful activity.  If you want to be noticed, you have to join the conversation.  Stay on top of the latest news and offer insightful comments, ask questions, answer questions, and share relevant articles.  As a former legal recruiter, I know firsthand that people are landing jobs everyday based on connections made through social networking.  You could be next! 

Stay tuned in the Spring semester for a CSD workshop focused on social networking, and stop by the CSD library to check out our resources on social networking.

If you have obtained a job through social networking – either through a connection made on a social networking site or through a job posting that you found on a social networking site – please contact me so that I can feature your story in a future blog post.  I can be reached at

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Delaware Minority Job Fair/Philadelphia Area Diversity Job Fair

The Delaware Minority Job Fair

Delaware State Bar Association invites students to participate in the Job Fair’s 1L Resume Collect program.  The Job Fair and its participating organizations (corporate, law firm, and public interest/sector legal employers) seek applications from highly-qualified 1L students with a demonstrated interest in career opportunities in Delaware.  All interested students are invited to apply and must submit a resume, undergraduate transcript, and law school transcript (when available).  The submission of a cover letter addressing the student’s commitment to the promotion of diversity and inclusion (through personal interests, leadership positions, volunteer work, and organizational activities) is strongly encouraged.

The application deadline is Monday, January 21, 2013.  Please direct any questions regarding the Job Fair’s Resume Collect program to the Job Fair Administrator at or (302) 651-3246

Delaware Minority Job Fair/Philadelphia Area Diversity Job Fair | Delaware Minority Job Fair/Philadelphia Area Diversity Job Fair.

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the CSD!  Please keep in mind that our office will be closed from December 24 through January 1.  We will resume regular business hours on January 2.  Students and alumni can schedule appointments over the holidays via Symplicity

We have several new OCIs on Symplicity for students…  Don’t miss your opportunity to apply for a PAID spring clerkship!  There are also spring OCIs available for 3Ls to interview for full-time attorney positions and have a job lined up when you graduate! 

First Semester 1Ls: Remember that in order to gain full access into Symplicity, you will need to complete your mandatory CSD Curriculum on Desire2Learn and winter break is the perfect time to do so!  If you complete the Curriculum over break, you will receive full access to Symplicity on Friday, January 4.  The deadline to complete the Curriculum is Friday, March 8. 

We wish everyone safe and wonderful holidays!

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Disabling mental health conditions, developmental disabilities and violence

In the emotional wake of the tragedy a week ago in Newtown, CT, many of us are still privately mourning the loss of life and the true senseless nature of it all. However, a hope is that this will cause a nation-wide dialogue, opportunity for awareness, a watershed moment for policy changes for underserved populations of the mentally ill. I don’t need to debunk the myth that all individuals with mental health diagnosis are violent crazed homicidal individuals. I also don’t need to tell you that there is no meaningful correlation between the autism spectrum and mass killings. All of us probably know individuals with mental health diagnoses and also know even more individuals that probably suffer from mental illness but either fail or refuse to seek treatment for a myriad of reasons. We cast out the mentally ill in our society even though the mentally ill make up a healthy percentage of our population. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, over a quarter of our adult population has a mental health diagnosis and of those, almost 6% are seriously debilitating. Yet, there is a social stygma attached to mental illness that prevents individuals from seeking meaningful treatment. For many mentally ill individuals, Medicaid is the only insurance available. Medicaid is, in fact, a key component to keeping many chronically and severely mentally ill individuals alive and independent in the community rather than in institutions. Private health insurance companies have not met the growing need for wider arrays of mental health services. It is common to find a private insurance company providing a few “free” counseling sessions but not constant psychotherapy and medication management for someone with severe schizophrenia or chronic depression. Usually, the answer is prescibing pills instead of intense case management. Medicaid is, as always, the safety net. With decreasing state budgets and political fall-out over health care reform, the future of Medicaid is uncertain. Medicaid will be around, but for who? How many services will be provided for this vulnerable population? If we, as a society, want to prevent senseless acts of violence, we need to also break down the stygma attached to mental illness, and provide the help and support to those affected, including caregivers. Instead of shunning the mentally ill at the onset, then mourning the loss in the end, we can reduce the risk of such travesties demanding more from our government and our private health care industry. Our clinic will continue to represent the mentally ill. We will strive to overcome the social stygmas assigned to our clients. We will rejoice in those clients’ special gifts, and we will lift them up with the support that they need through our advocacy. We will do our part. . . will you?

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By now, most of you have probably used Encore – our library’s catalog. More efficient (though no less magical) than the card catalogs of old, Encore allows you to see all the library resources you have access to as a member of the Coastal Community.

But what about when you are off site? Maybe you want to do some light ConLaw reading over holiday break? Or maybe that last minute preparation for Moot Court oral argument has to be done out of town?

Fear not, just as Encore is a catalog that shows you what we have here at Coastal, is a catalog that can show you what is available wherever you are around the world.

Simply type in your preferred search using title/author/keyword terms and then you can narrow by facets on the left, similar to Encore. Once you locate a particular record, you can see which libraries hold that resource and how far they are from your location.

Take Legal Research in a Nutshell, for example, since we all know how important it is to keep your legal research skills sharp.The record for this resource can he found here. Follow that link and you’ll have the chance to Enter your location – zip code, city/state (or province), or country.

Enter 32256, for example, and you’ll see that the closest library to hold that resource is… the Florida Coastal School of Law Library & Technology Center! What library closest to you has it?

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Make the Most of Your Winter Break (part one)

Finals are almost over, and you are one semester closer to graduation! Definitely take some time to relax and enjoy yourself after all of the hard work that you put into this past semester. You deserve it!  But also make the most of your downtime by dedicating some time to career planning. The holidays are a great time for networking.  Use your time away from the classroom to get out and meet people in the legal community or in the industry where you plan to pursue an alternative career. Florida Coastal alumni association events are a great way to meet people with whom you already have something in common. The Florida Coastal alumni association chapters in Washington DC, Pensacola, South Carolina, and Atlanta are all hosting holiday events over the break. If you are interested in working in any of those markets, don’t miss out on the opportunity to establish connections with Coastal alumni who could be valuable resources for you throughout your career. Click here for a listing of alumni association chapters and links to their Facebook group pages.  If your city does not have an alumni association event over the break, look for events through the local bar association or other professional associations.  In addition to holiday networking events, you can use your time in your target market to reach out to professionals for informational meetings.  An informational meeting is an opportunity to get information and advice about a specific practice area or an alternative career.  It is also a way to build a relationship with someone who is working in an area that interests you, and you never know where it might lead.  Check out the Career Handbook for a step-by-step guide to informational meetings.  If you don’t have a copy, stop by the CSD and pick one up before you leave for the break.  Stay tuned for part two of making the most of your winter break, where I’ll discuss ways to incorporate social networking into your job search.

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Upcoming Webinar

This Thursday, December 20th from 1pm-2pm (EST), the Career Services Department’s Ray Adams will present “Electronic Job Searches, Postings and More!”  This will be the last installment of the 2012 Alumni Webinar series and will focus on different resources you can use in your job search.  The webinar will cover everything from writing firms to job posting websites.  You can register here.

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In the Library this Week (December 17 – January 1)

Library Holiday Break Hours (December 19 – 21)
Wednesday (19th)  7:30am – 6:00pm
Thursday (20th)  10:00am – 6:00pm
Friday (21st)  10:00am – 2:00pm

The Library will participate in the Winter Graduation Open House.  Congratuations to our new graduates!!!

Library Holiday Break Hours (December 22 – January 1)

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Special Alumni Webinar: Electronic Job Search Resources, Postings and More!

The Career Services Department understands that electronic resources are an important part of your job search.  December’s webinar on Thursday, December 20th from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. (EST), “Electronic Job Search Resources, Postings and More!” presented by FCSL alum and Career Counselor, Ray Adams, is the last installment of the 2012 Alumni Webinar series and will focus on the different resources that you can use in your job search.  We will cover everything from writing into firms to job posting websites.  

As always, there will be time for questions and answers at the conclusion of the presentation. Details are below and you can register by following this link:  If you have questions or suggestions for future webinar topics, please send them to Ray Adams at

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