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The “Somewhat-Healthy” Chicken Cheese Steak

All semester long we have been offering healthy recipes for your eating pleasure.  However, I’ll be the first to admit that every now and again you just have to splurge and satisfy those unhealthy food cravings :)   Next time the fried/greasy/fast food craving comes your way, try this make at home, and somewhat healthy, chicken cheese steak recipe. 

1 lb thin sliced chicken breasts
1 onion, sliced
3 slices of White American/Provolone/Swiss Cheese

1. Saute onions in skillet until begin to soften.   Mushrooms and/or peppers are great additions too, just slice and saute along with onions.
2. Salt and Pepper chicken and add to skillet.  *There is no need to add additional oil to the skillet; chicken has enough natural oils to prevent the meat from sticking to the skillet.  Stir constantly, breaking up chicken as it cooks through.
3. When chicken is cooked top with cheese slices.  When cheese begins to melt, stir mixture and spoon into prepared hoagie rolls.  Hopefully this will curb your fast food craving.  ENJOY!


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