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Technology of the Week- Lexis Q&A Series

Available on: iPhone, iPad, and Android

The app is FREE and allows students to test their skills with multiple choice and essay questions for a specific subject matter covered in the law school curriculum:

  • Review questions, make educated guesses and receive detailed analysis all with a click of a few buttons.
  • Anticipate questions professors might ask in class and prepare well-reasoned answers to them
  • Preview the first ten questions of any title before deciding to purchase more questions for that title (each title is $14.99)
  • The Q&A Series app includes 27 subject areas including:
    • Evidence
    • Torts
    • Contracts
    • Bankruptcy
    • First Amendment Law
    • Administrative Law
    • Federal Estate & Gift Taxation
    • Criminal Law
    • Constitutional Law
    • Property
    • Professional Responsibility
    • Business Associations
    • Criminal Procedure

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Tap Into the Power of Your Alumni Network

Florida Coastal has an extensive network of alumni working all across the country in traditional and alternative legal careers.  Our alumni are a valuable resource that students often overlook.  As the holiday break approaches, now is the perfect time to start reaching out to alumni and scheduling informational interviews in your hometown.  Informational interviews will provide you with unique insight into specific practice areas, alternative careers, and/or what it’s like to work in a particular city or region.  They also allow you to establish professional connections that just might lead to an employment opportunity. 

Throughout the semester, I have been interviewing Coastal alumni who are pursuing alternative careers, including risk management, contract management, procurement, and tax resolution.  These alumni have been in your shoes, and they can answer your questions about the advantages and challenges of pursuing an alternative legal career.  If you are interested in connecting with a Coastal alum who is working in an alternative career, send an email to, and I will be happy to assist you with locating and contacting alumni and preparing for informational interviews. 

Also, if you are interested in learning more networking tips and tricks, plan to attend the next Networking Club meeting tomorrow, Thursday November 1st at 5:15pm in Room 555.  All students are welcome to attend!  The Networking Club will culminate with networking receptions in Atlanta, Orlando, and Washington D.C. at the end of the Spring semester.

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Breaking down Amendment 1

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — It is one of the most controversial Supreme Court rulings made this year. In June the Affordable Care Act, also referred to by others as “ObamaCare,” became law.

It requires every American to have health care by 2014, and it’s a decision that disappointed voters like Rachel Eddy. “I like that everybody can choose for themselves what they like instead of being told what they need,” said Eddy.

But this November, Florida voters will have their chance to vote against it. “This amendment, in essence, would be Florida’s statement that we do not want to be under the Affordable Care Act,” said law professor, Alan Williams.

Read the entire story at

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Public state-sponsored prayer has created fault lines

The whole discussion pivots, John Knechtle says, on the Bill of Rights’ First Amendment establishment clause, which says that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

It was drafted in 1789. People have been arguing about it since.

“It wasn’t that [the founding fathers] were all liberal-minded and didn’t want any religion,” Knechtle said. “They didn’t want a particular religion established.”

Knechtle teaches constitutional law at Florida Coastal School of Law. He’s also co-author of a couple of textbooks, including “The First Amendment: Cases, Problems and Materials.”


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What’s Going on in IT

Coastal Law’s IT department has a new associate, David Miller, who is our Systems Engineer. David’s role covers many behind the scenes IT systems and services which include networking components such as email, wireless network, network servers and infrastructure.

A project this year is upgrading 17 classrooms in an effort to ensure reliability at the same time simplifying the controls of the room. Our first rooms will be upgraded starting this month which will include iPad tablets and brighter projectors along with a new sound system.

As a reminder, we have installed two color scanners and a fax machine in the student computer lab. We have also upgraded all of the machines in the lab with new faster hard drives and added additional memory to increase the performance of the computers.

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Coastal Law Software Deals

Coastal Law offers substantial savings for students, faculty and staff on Microsoft, Adobe, and other products. The savings can be found in the Coastal Law e-Store.

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Spotlight: Thomas Gwyn

Spotlight – Computer Support Specialist, Thomas Gwyn

Thomas Gwyn, Computer Support Specialist is our spotlight for this issue.

Thomas was born in Durham, NC, and raised in Clewiston, FL. From the first time he took apart his Nintendo Entertainment System, to building his first computer, he has been fascinated with computers and electronics throughout his life.

Thomas has received an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology from Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio. He has also completed his A+ and Network+ certifications.

At Florida Coastal, he is responsible for the creation and deployment of all faculty and staff computer images, along with assisting in the day to day maintenance of computer hardware and the telephone system.

In his spare time he enjoys playing computer games, canoeing, tennis, and eating good food.

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First Coast homeowner regrets reverse mortgage

Florida Coastal School of Law professor Laura Boeckman specialize in consumer law and reverse mortgages.

Boeckman says the concept can work with the right advice.

“Some people call it your ATM you can take out a mortgage where you get monthly payment that is a portion of your equity every month,” said Boeckman.

– Read the entire article, or view the piece, on

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Coastal Law moot court advances to Thomas Tang International Rounds

It was another outstanding week for our Moot Court Teams.

Two Honor Board teams were champion and finalist this weekend in their Regional for the Thomas Tang International Moot Court Competition. Kristen Warren did an outstanding job as Team Manager for both teams.

The team of Nina Cano and Rishi Pattni (oralists/brief writers) won the Regional championship. Alex Amador and Jansen Balisi (oralists/brief writers) also reached the Regional finals for an all-Florida Coastal championship round. Alex and Jansen continued the Honor Board’s national prominence in brief writing by earning the Best Brief Award. Jansen also received the Best Advocate, Second Award. In the semi-finals, our teams defeated SMU and the University of Miami.  Professor Sander Moody coached both our Honor Board teams.

With their success, our teams have earned the right to represent the law school in Washington, D.C. at the Thomas Tang International Rounds. The International Rounds will be held in November. Congratulations to all!!

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Technology of the Week- BarMax MPRE & MPRE Flashcards


Available on: iPhone & iPad

The app is Free and gives students the capability of studying for the MPRE exam in the following ways:

  •  Practice real MPRE questions
  •  Listen to audio lectures
  •  Review flashcards
  •  Outlines available in PDF format
  •  174 actual practice MPRE questions from previous exams


MPRE Flashcards

Available on: Android Market

The app is FREE and allows students to study for the MPRE through the following ways:

  • MPRE preparation with fun games including matching, memorization and quiz.
  • Powered by superflashcard with a built-in spaced repetition scheme
  • The app will also help you memorize MPRE flashcards more efficiently



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