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tick, tock

The beginning of a new semester is around the corner; and I still have a zillion things to do.  Trying to close out the 35+ cases handled last semester.  Trying to get grades done.  Trying to update the syllabus.  Trying to figure out how many cases to take to start off the summer clinicians.  And, come next week, trying to figure out the new courthouse (and where to park) with students in tow.  Never a dull moment in clinic land.

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End of Semester in Family Law Clinic

Although the Spring semester is coming to a close, the Family Law Clinic is still hard at work representing clients.

On May 11, 2012– the day before she graduated– Janine Seymour (3L), represented a client at mediation in a very high conflict case. The case involved post- judgment litigation wherein an extremely litigious couple could not agree on certain parenting issues which not explicitly addressed in their final divorce decree.  Although the case ultimately, but not surprisingly, reached an impasse, Janine was well-prepared and offered several creative solutions to resolve the client’s problems.

On May 17, 2012 Erjola (“Yola”) Hodo represented a client at a Final Hearing on Dissolution of Marriage. Yola spent the semester working on the case: meeting with the client, drafting pleadings, preparing the case through the discovery phase, and representing the client at mediation where the case settled on all issues. The final hearing on May 17 was the culmination of a semester of hard work on behalf of the client.

Great job, Janine and Yola!

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