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This Week in the Library (Jan 30 – Feb 5)

– Researching Federal Administrative Law;
– Finding a Writing Topic for your ALWR Paper;
– Researching for your ALWR Paper;
– LP II Advanced Lexis Training;
– Possible noise from the atrium on Thursday at 6pm.

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Things to do this weekend

Need to take a break from the law?

The Pilot Club of Jacksonville is holding their 62nd Annual Charities Antuques Show and Sale at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds. Admission is $10.00. 35 antiques dealers will be there from all over the country.

The Lincolnville Farmer’s Market at 339 Riberia St., St. Augustine is open from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm every Sunday.

Finally, if you want to do something midweek, try the First Wednesday Arts Walk.

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Using Xtranormal to explain law

Here is a link to an amusing look at some of the questions criminal defense attorneys often face. Though funny, it also has an element of truth to it and includes some good answers and explanations.

In defense of defense lawyers

“Stop using words to make me wrong.”

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In the Library this Week (January 23-29)

  • Researching Federal Legislative History Workshops;
  • Researching Federal Administrative Law Workshops;
  • Possible noise from the atrium on Thursday from 11am-1pm and on Friday from 3pm-5pm.

Watch for sign-up announcements for these Workshops and for the Finding an ALWR Topic Workshops.

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Why the Clinic is the best experience in law school

The first full week of Spring 2012 DPBC was unbelievably busy. However, this week underscored the reason why clinic education is the best you can get while in law school. Students travelled to Tallahassee on Tuesday to observe an administrative rule challenge against the Agency for Persons with Disabilities in front of the Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH). They observed other students making opening statements, arguing motions, voir diring the expert witness, and direct/cross-examining expert witnesses.

They also were able to see examples of how the opposing counsel’s negative attitude in the courtroom affected the case. It was a crash course on professionalism, evidence, legal research, oral advocacy and administrative law. The next day, another student was allowed to prepare a client for a telephonic hearing, and then participate in the hearing. On Thursday, students attended classes and then I attended a contested guardianship for which a Senior Clinician had prepared several weeks.

A trial notebook was prepared, pleadings were organized, criminal backgrounds were placed in chronological order and a timeline was created. Friday turned back to “normal” with conference calls, client interviews and student meetings. New students contacted their clients by telephone, letter and in-person meetings. Although overwhelmed, it can’t be said that new students didn’t learn a lot this week and will continue to cultivate their skills. The busy week was indicative of why the clinic is the best way to learn how to be a good lawyer.

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Weekend Fun!

As a former law school student, I know that law school can take up most of your time, but you still need to take a break from ‘hitting the books.’  In addition to the numerous restaurants, bars, and dance clubs located in Jacksonville, Jacksonville and the surrounding areas have special events happening every week.  Maybe you like the circus, theatre, or symphony, or maybe you have always been a horse lover, if so, then Jacksonville has an event that you might be interested in this weekend.  Additionally, with just a short drive down I-95 to Saint Augustine, you can see the Saint Augustine Film Festival hosted by Flagler College–Saturday night’s special guest is Pamela Poitier, daughter of Sidney Poitier.  Now that you are ‘in the know,’ make sure you don’t miss out on the fun!

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Welcome to the Library Blog


The Library has a blog.  This is it.  We will post announcements on Mondays (except for holidays).  We will post some interesting things about law or libraries or books on Wednesdays.  And on Fridays, we will give you some ideas of what to do for the weekend – which could range from looking for a topic for your ALWR to where to get good sushi.  Librarians know all kinds of things.

Today, I would like to share with you the kind of things that Librarians watch when they are not answering reference questions or helping with research (which is not very often, that is why it is a short video):  Here is what books do when you are not around.

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Welcome Vanessa Bernadotte New Clinical Fellow

The Immigrant Rights Clinic Welcomes (back) Vanessa Bernadotte. Vanessa is a 2010 Coastal grad. Vanessa did fantastic work in the clinic and we are thrilled to have her back working with us as an attorney and clinical fellow.  Below find a link to an article about a project Vanessa worked on as a student.

Former Coastal clinical student Karen Winston’s work at the Baker Detention Facility featured in Colorlines magazine


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Winter graduation photos now available

Photos from Florida Coastal School of Law’s 2011 winter graduation reception, courtesy of Daniel Cohn and Heather Blanton, are now available on the school’s official Flickr page.

Feel free to download and share photos with your family and friends. Also, spread the word, the school’s page recently eclipsed 200,000 photo views. Thanks for viewing!

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Consumer Law Clinic gets ready for another semester

Even though everyone has been on break for the past few weeks, things have not slowed down in the Clinic.  The Consumer Law Clinic was able to finish up several cases at the end of the Fall Semester, so the spring students will have the opportunity to work on a new set of garnishment, debt collection defense, and foreclosure defenses cases.

In addition, we will continue to work on an increasingly more complicated equity skimming case.  Our client was tricked into signing over a portion of her property in exchange for having her property taxes paid for her.  We are now discovering that not only the buyer has been accused of fraud in the past, but that the closing agent who conducted the closing with multiple suspicous closing charges is now being tried in federal court for mortgage fraud.

We are continuing to explore claims and defenses that our client has against the seller as well as against multiple other parties who may have participated in the scheme. The facts of the case read like a law school final exam, but the risk to this low income client of losing her home is very real.

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