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An interesting read for those with loans … isn’t that everyone?

Student Loan Expert, Heather Jarvis, recently discussed the implications of the President’s newly announced student loan initiatives.  Take a moment and check out her thoughts and learn more about some new programs you may qualify for …

Click HERE.

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Family Law Clinic Success!

Earlier today, Julie Eberhardt, Certified Legal Intern, represented a Family Law Clinic client in a divorce trial. Due to her intimate knowledge of the facts of the case, Julie was able to anticipate that opposing counsel would attempt to introduce evidence of alleged bad character as a defense to being ordered to pay alimony.

Julie spent days preparing an opening statement and closing argument, drafting direct and cross examinations, reviewing evidence exhibits, meeting with the client and witnesses, conferring with the clinic supervising attorney, and researching case law on alimony and equitable distribution and the rules of evidence.

As a result of her tremendous effort, at trial Julie successufully interposed objections that prevented opposing counsel from introducing largely irrelevant negative character evidence against our client.

Opposing counsel brought five witnesses to the hearing– all of whom were prepared to testify to impermissible character testimony and other irrelevant matters intended to impugn the client’s character. Due to Julie’s research, preparations, and thorough knowledge of the facts of the case, she was able to successfully argue against the introduction of this evidence and witness testimony.  In sustaining Julie’s objections the court noted that the testimony’s only relevance would be to “assassinate” our client’s character.

When all was said and done, opposing counsel was forced to significantly curtail his trial strategy with respect to the evidence he planned to present and could call only one of his witnesses to the stand.

The court has taken the matter under advisement so we do not know what the ultimate ruling will be, but because of Julie’s zealous advocacy, the court will be able to focus on the real and relevant issues at hand while considering evidence which places our client in the best light possible. The presentation of our client’s case could not have gone better!

Great job, Julie!

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Do you love the environment?

Consider a summer clerkship position with the U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (EPA) – REGION III (PA)

Application Deadline: 01/31/2012
The Office of Regional Counsel, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Region III, an equal opportunity employer, has approximately ten (10) volunteer clerkship positions available during the summer, for first- and second-year students. We will consider students who qualify for work-study funds, but only where EPA is not required to contribute financially to the work-study program.  Summer law clerks will be expected to undertake a variety of tasks, which will include complex research projects and the drafting of legal documents under the supervision of staff attorneys in the Office of Regional Counsel. Additionally, clerks will be encouraged to accompany staff attorneys to client meetings, negotiating sessions, trials, hearings, and depositions.

The 2012 summer program will run from May 30 to August 10.

Although summer clerkships are not salaried positions, the selection process is quite competitive. Qualified candidates should have strong academic credentials and excellent legal research and writing skills. Previous experience or demonstrated interest in environmental or administrative law is helpful, but not required for prospective law clerks. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.

Application Instructions are available on Symplicity. 


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This Week’s Happenings in the Family Law Clinic

Although the clinic is somewhat winding down for the semester, we have a contested dissolution of marriage trial scheduled for tomorrow (12/14/11). Certified Legal Intern Julie Eberhardt will represent a clinic client in obtaining a divorce, splitting up marital property and obtaining alimony. Julie will conduct the entire trial (under supervision) which will include giving an opening statement, conducting direct and cross examinations, introducing evidence and making a closing argument. Go Julie!

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Get Involved!

 Did you know that if you spend three hours a week reading to a child, that child is twice as likely to score in the top 25% in reading.

If you work to secure food donations for a local soup kitchen or food bank, you are directly providing meals to hungry individuals. Find volunteer opportunities in your area or create your own and recruit others.  Some of these opportunities may qualify for pro bono hours!  Check with Professor Millard to verify.

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PAID Summer Position!!!

The ABA Section of Antitrust Law will again sponsor the Janet D. Steiger Fellowship Opportunity project that is open to 1Ls and 2Ls only.  Students will submit an application to be placed for a minimum of eight weeks during the summer of 2012 in the consumer protection department of one of 23 participating State Attorneys General offices, Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs, State ofHawaii, and the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. 

Each selected student will receive a $5,000 stipend for the summer (administered through the offices of the state attorneys general and subject to certain federal taxes).  The Project, in its discretion offers an optional small supplemental housing/travel allowance (administered through the American Bar Association Section of antitrust Law) where a clear need is demonstrated.  This supplemental allowance will not be considered until after Fellows have been selected.

The application period is November 4, 2011 until January 31, 2012.  Applications will not be accepted beyond the January 31, 2012 deadline date.  Students must submit: (1) the application form; (2) resume; (3) writing sample; and (4) statement of interest. 

The application form is available at

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What are your plans for Summer 2012?

2012 Summer Diversity Programs

  • Summer Associates
  • Fellowships 
  • Scholarships

Click on the NALP website below to view PAID summer associate positions, fellowships, and scholarships for Summer 2012. Deadlines are fast approaching, so do not delay.

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NACDL – Diversity Task Force Summer Law Fellowships



The purpose of the fellowship is to advance diversity in the criminal defense community by giving underrepresented populations an opportunity to gain experience in a criminal defense law practice. Fellows will actively intern in Washington, D.C., New York, NY, San Juan, PR, or Denver, CO, as well as be invited to participate in NACDL events and networking opportunities during the summer.  Each Fellow will receive a weekly stipend of $500.00

Interested applicants must 1) be law students in good academic standing enrolled in an ABA accredited law school at the time the application is submitted; 2) submit a personalized cover letter that addresses

a) a first & second placement preference and

b) why the applicant wants to be a NACDL Fellow;

c) submit a 1-2 page resume;

d) fully complete the entry form (download an entry form); and

e) email a completed application package to Daniel Weir at by January 17, 2012 by 4:00 p.m. EST.

To confirm receipt of submission, contact Daniel Weir. Other questions? Contact Geneva Vanderhorst at, attention: NACDL Fellowship.

NACDL – Diversity Task Force Summer Law Fellowships.

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Learning, Networking, & Fun (in New Hampshire!)

The 25th Annual Robert M. Cover Public Interest Law Retreat  will take place in Peterborough, New Hampshire from March 2-4, 2012. The Retreat brings together public interest law students and practitioners for an engaging weekend of learning, networking, and fun.  

When: March 2-4, 2012

Where: Sargent Center, Peterborough, NH

Cost: $150 (includes retreat fees, lodging, and all meals/food).

Register online:

Registration Deadline is February 16:  All interested students should register as soon as possible. There is limited space at the Retreat Center. 

For more information, click HERE.

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Interested in Immigration? Interested in New York?

If the answer to both of these questions, is YES, then I have a position for you!



BROOKLYN DEFENDER SERVICES / is seeking interns for summer 2012.  Application Deadline: 01/16/2012

The Immigration Unit of Brooklyn Defender Services (BDS) advises  noncitizen clients as to the immigration consequences of their criminal cases.   This is mandated by Padilla v. Kentucky, a recent Supreme Court decision, as well as by ethical codes that govern criminal defense attorneys’ professional responsibility.  Our Immigration Unit works in close collaboration with BDS defenders to avoid or minimize the negative immigration consequences of their noncitizens’ criminal cases.  The Unit also provides direct representation to our noncitizen clients in immigration court proceedings, against immigration detention, and in affirmative applications for immigration benefits.

 Application Instructions are available on Symplicity! 

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