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An Inside Look at Companies Using

Keep in mind the next time you are researching companies where you would like to work.  Glassdoor provides an inside look at companies and jobs.  Company salaries, reviews and interviews are all posted anonymously by employees.  Thousands and thousands of companies are reviewed on this site, but companies are easy to find because they are grouped into categories. 

Thinking of a career with a charitable organization – check out the YMCA, the American Cancer Society, Catholic Relief Services, The Nature Conservancy,  or any of the 2,715 reviewed charitable organizations.  What about a career in insurance?  Check out All State, GEICO, State Farm, or any of the 2,153 reviewed insurance companies.  This site has everything from Aerospace & Defense companies to Transportation Services companies.

Are you wondering what kind of salary an Account Manager can make?  Check out the 5,735 salaries for Account Managers at 2,391 companies.  What about the salary of a Financial Advisor?  Check out the 1,355 salaries for Financial Advisors at 193 companies.

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Happy Holidays!

The Blog (and your Government & Public Interest Blogger) is taking a much needed nap this holiday season. Do not expect any new posts until the New Year — specifically on your first day of classes, January 9, 2012.  We will see you then!

 Enjoy a wonderful and safe holiday season!

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The Coastal Network 2011-12-22 06:08:45

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Running Your Own Firm

The Jacksonville Bar Association is presenting a CLE entitled “Running Your Own Firm” on Thursday, January 26th.  The seminar will be from 1:15 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. on campus in the Oak Grove Building.  The seminar will include a panel discussion about the do’s and don’ts of running your own law firm, trust account issues, and how to reduce your risk of a law suit.  This seminar is a great way to bridge the gap from the academic environment to the real world for those who are planning to open their own practice.  At 4:30 p.m., immediately following the seminar, there will be a happy hour, which will be a good opportunity to network with presenters and other attendees.  The registration fee will be waived for all students.  To register, complete the registration form.  If you have questions, please contact Karen Rhodin with the Jacksonville Bar at


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What is Commercial Litigation?

Following yesterday’s post, some students asked exactly what commercial litigation is.  Commercial litigation is any type of legal controversy that is related to business matters.  This includes breach of contract claims, employment disputes, class actions, ERISA claims, debt collection suits, franchise issues, tortious interference with contracts, fraud and deceptive trade practices, and a host of other types of claims.  The issues are business in nature, and the clients are small businesses or corporations rather than individuals.  Some firms are devoted entirely to commercial litigation, while others may simply have litigation teams with individual attorneys specializing in commercial litigation.

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The Criminal Defense Clinic Begins

This spring will be the inaugural semester of the Criminal Defense Clinic.  Under the supervision of Prof. Lois Ragsdale, a former Assistant Public Defender, 8 students will be representing clients in county court on misdemeanors.  All of the Clinic’s cases will come from the Jacksonville Office of the Public Defender.  Clinic students will be handling all aspects of the representation from initial client interviews, to researching possible defenses, filing evidentiary objections, and conducting hearings and trials.  Stay tuned for updates on Coastal’s first criminal clinic and the exciting work the students will be doing this spring!

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Commercial Litigation is HOT!

According to Robert Denny Associates, Inc.’s 23rd annual report on what’s happening in the legal profession, commercial litigation is HOT!  This includes a wide assortment of cases with everything from insurance, regulatory, health care, and retail cases.   Some experts have reported a large increase in bread-and-butter cases sometimes referred to as “Law Factory work.”  With this trend, it appears that more cases are being resolved through alternative dispute resolution rather than actual trials, but this still generates significant work for attorneys representing both sides.  To learn how to find experience with a commercial litigation firm, schedule a counseling session with a Career Services Counselor.

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Exploring Health Care Law

According to Robert Denney Associates, Inc. and its 23rd annual report of “What’s Hot and What’s Not,” one of the current red hot practice areas is health care.  This is a broad area that includes a smattering of other types of law, such as regulatory, finance, professional liability, and labor and employment.  The forecast is that regulatory matters in particular may heat up.  Schedule a counseling appointment with your Career Counselor to learn more about how to find a firm that practices healthcare law.

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Looking for a summer job?

The Institute for Justice is now accepting applications for 2012 Summer Clerkships.  Summer clerkships are open to first and second year law students and are available at the Institute for Justice’s headquarters in the DC metro area and at our chapter offices in Austin, TX; Miami, FL; Minneapolis, MN; Seattle, WA; and Tempe, AZ.  Students interested in applying for summer clerkships can learn more and apply through Symplicity.   Summer clerkships are offered on a rolling basis and students are strongly advised to apply by January 5, 2012.

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What’s Hot and What’s Not

Each December, Robert Denney Associates provides its annual assessment of hot practice areas titled “What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Legal Profession.”  Check out this year’s review and learn more about what areas of the law are growing.  This can be helpful in developing your job search strategy.  In the next few days, I will highlight some of the “red hot” areas.

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