>2009 Legal Services Summer Fellowship Program


The Florida Bar Foundation is sponsoring the 2009 Summer Fellowship Program at legal aid and legal services programs in Florida . Approximately 40 full-time fellowships will be offered to first and second-year law students. The Legal Services Summer Fellowship Program runs for a period of 11 weeks and is a full-time position for the summer. Fellowship stipends are $5,500 for first-year students and $7,000 for second-year students for the eleven-week period

Student Eligibility and Selection Criteria
First and second-year law students attending accredited law schools are eligible to apply, as long as they are in good-standing with their law school. Minority students are specifically encouraged to apply. Among the factors to be considered in selections are: experience in working with the low-income community, academic achievement, writing skills, and previous contact with and long-term commitment/interest in public service/pro bono work. Law student applicants will be provided an opportunity to specify their program placement preference. Due to the necessity of insuring placement throughout Florida in a variety of programs and sites, student flexibility in preference sites may be a factor in selection.

Fellowship applications are available on The Florida Bar Foundation website and must be received Thursday, January 22, 2009.

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