From: Scott DeVito
Sent: Monday, January 9, 2017 5:01 PM
To: Coastal Law Students 
Subject: Announcement relating to gainful employment

Dear Students,

In the next few days you may hear a lot about something called "Gainful Employment" (GE").  In the law school arena, GE is a set of regulations that only apply to for-profit schools like Florida Coastal.  GE requires our graduates to have a certain level of debt-to-earnings ratio within three years of graduation.  The Department of Education ("DOE") just released its GE calcualtions and Florida Coastal has failed the GE debt-to-earnings ratio.

We have already appealed these GE results.  For present purposes, the major implication of appeal is that, in the short term, some of our disclosure obligations under GE may be suspended for a time.

But because we think that this issue is so important to our students, I am writing to you now to explain what GE is and the consequences of failing to meet GE's debt-to earnings ratio.  Read More... The GE Story

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