Welcome to J.D. Admissions

As the only ABA accredited law school serving the residents of Northeast Florida, Florida Coastal School of Law’s Admissions Office looks to support:
  • The commitment to achieve leadership in student outcomes, including bar examination performance and career placement.
  • An inclusive model of excellence that facilitates student success regardless of group status.
  • The graduation of students who are superior in the preparedness to practice the law.

We seek students with a diversity of talents, skills and experiences who, in addition, have high levels of academic achievement. We welcome you and invite you to explore Florida Coastal through our website.

Class of 2021 Entering Credentials

Median LSAT: 150

25th-75th LSAT percentile: 147 – 152

Median UGPA: 3.21

25th - 75th GPA percentile: 2.83 - 3.35

Women: 59% / Male: 41%

Students of Color: 39%

Acceptance Rate for 2018 - 36%



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