Welcome to Florida Coastal School of Law's J.D. Admissions

At Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL), we encourage our students to explore a broad range of interests, discover their passions, and make a difference in the world.  Living and learning in Jacksonville, Fl. provides our students opportunities and experiences unlike anywhere else. Inside the classroom, you’ll sit next to peers from all over the country and learn from faculty who are not only experts in their fields, but who are also policy-makers and the voice for the oppressed. 

At FCSL, learning doesn’t stop when a class is over. It's the reason you’re here and will be a part of everything you’ll do. You could find a dream externship at a non-profit like the Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, volunteer at the Hubbard House, or relax on some of the best Florida beaches. You’ll not only live and learn in one of Florida’s largest cities, but you’ll be a central part of it no matter your path.

Students studying

Class of 2021 Entering Credentials

Median LSAT: 150

25th-75th LSAT percentile: 147 – 152

Median UGPA: 3.21

25th - 75th GPA percentile: 2.83 - 3.35

Women: 59% / Male: 41%

Students of Color: 39%

Acceptance Rate for 2018 - 36%



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