The links to the right provide useful information to help you with course scheduling and your career focus.  Book lists for current semesters are available here.

Spring 2020 Course/Final Exam Schedule
Summer 2020 Course/Final Exam Schedule – DE – UPDATED 4/17/20
Summer 2020 iLaw Course Information Sheet – classes on this information sheet are listed on the Summer 2020 Course/Final Exam Schedule
Summer 2020 Intersession Course/Final Exam Schedule – UPDATED 4/6/20
Fall 2020 Intersession Course/Final Exam Schedule
Fall 2020 Course/Final Exam Schedule 

A complete description of courses offered, including the number of credits and prerequisites associated with each course, is available in our Master Course Listing.

Our Suggested Schedules provide a method of planning your required courses and scheduling the appropriate number of credit hours to ensure graduation within the prescribed time period.  Choose the link below based on the term in which you were first admitted to FCSL.

Archived Schedules for previous semesters which you may find helpful in anticipating when courses will be offered in the future.