First and Second Years:

33 JD Credits

Civil Procedure I and II; Contracts I and II; Criminal Law; Legal Research and Analysis ;Writing for Law Practice; Property I and II; and Torts I and II.

24 MPP Credits

  • PPOL 501. Microeconomics for Public Policy (3)
  • PPOL 511. Political Institutions, Processes and Public Policy (3)
  • PPOL 512. Ethics and Public Policy (3)
  • PPOL 521. Statistics and Quantitative Research Methods (3)
  • PPOL 502. Public Finance (3)
  • PPOL 513. Law and Public Policy (3)
  • PPOL 530/DSIM 530. Analytical Methods of Decision-Making (2) or PPOL 531. Quantitative Methods and Analysis (2)
  • PPOL 550/MGT 550. Leading Organizations (2)
  • PPOL 590. JU PPI Internship (2)

Students may complete their first year at either Coastal Law or JU. The following year, students will complete the first year requirements of the other school.

Third Year:

24 JD Credits

Upper Division Required Courses: Constitutional Law I and II; Criminal Procedure; Evidence; and Professional Responsibility. Students may also need to consider Business Associations, Family Law, Trusts and Estates.

6 MPP Credits

PPOL 541. Public Policy Analysis (3)

PPOL Management Course (3): PPOL 611, PPOL 612, or PPOL 613.

Fourth Year:

24 JD Credits

Complete Upper Division Required Courses: Business Associations, Family Law, Trusts and Estates and electives.

6 MPP Credits

PPOL 695/PPOL 696 – Capstone Policy Project: Client Policy Project I (3) and II (3)


PPOL 697/PPOL 698 – Capstone Policy Project: Policy Research Project I (3) and II (3) 


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