The legal market place is looking for students who speak foreign languages. Interpreter experience is an amazing asset to a student's resume and a great way to get some legal pro bono hours.  Coastal Law’s Volunteer Interpreter Program is always looking for students who are fluent or highly proficient in foreign languages to join our interpreter data base. 

There is no specific time commitment. Interpreters are placed on a list that is shared with Coastal law’s Legal Clinics and area non-profits that are looking for volunteer interpreters. Interpreters respond to individual requests and make their own schedule. While certain languages are requested more frequently than others (Spanish, Haitian Creole, Arabic & Vietnamese) we never know what our legal services and community agencies might need. Jacksonville is a very diverse community and the needs are varied.  Sometimes no one knows there is a need until a Coastal Law student can help with interpretation and give that community member a voice. 

Each semester a 1.5 hour training is offered to cover basics of cross cultural lawyer, ethical interpreting, and translation. Students must complete the training to be added to the list. The training will be offered online and live.  If interested please email



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