The mission of the Pro Bono Program is to help law students develop an awareness of their ethical and professional responsibilities to provide service to their community.  Participation in the program provides students with the opportunity to perform valuable community service while learning about the legal needs of the underserved and developing the legal skills and gaining the experience necessary to help meet those needs.

Pro bono work is volunteer legal and non-legal work done without credit or compensation that law students perform to benefit individuals, groups or organizations whose resources are limited. This is your chance to make a difference!  Pro bono work not only benefits the community, but allows you to get the kind of hands-on experience and feedback that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Beginning with the Fall 2015 entering class, all students are required to perform at least 10 legal pro bono hours before registering for their last semester of classes.  Students contributing 50 hours (25 of which is law related), will receive a certificate signed by the Dean honoring their commitment to pro bono work, and recognition during the honors reception.  Students contributing 125 hours (75 of which is law related), will recieve, in addition to those items mentioned prior, recognition at graduation in the commencement program, an honor cord, and a transcript notation.

To access a list of current pro bono oppportunities go to Symplicity and log in using your C-number and password.  If you have not already done so, you will need to complete your Student Profile. After you complete your Student Profile, you will be able to find current pro bono opportunities. From the home page, you should select “Pro Bono Opportunities” (the tab is located on the bottom, right hand side of the screen).

What Qualifies as Pro Bono Hours

To qualify as legal work, the student must perform work that meets all of the following standards:
  • Under the supervision of a licensed attorney
  • Legal or law-related in nature
  • Without compensation
  • No academic credit awarded
  • Directly or indirectly addresses the legal needs of low-income clients, traditionally underrepresented population, groups or organizations

To qualify as non-legal work (community service work), the student must perform work that meets all of the following standards:
  • Work done for a public interest organization
  • Without compensation
  • No academic credit awarded
  • Directly or indirectly addresses the needs of low-income individuals, groups, or organizations

Record/Track Pro Bono Hours

Go to Symplicity; log in with your C-Number email address and password; click on “My Account” located on the left-hand side; click on “Legal Work Experience”; if you have not previously added the pro bono event or organization, select “Add New”; if you are updating an organization, select that organization; make sure to properly select the school term, type of hours, start date, end date and all other required information; and submit or save as draft.

Those students who began their legal studies in Spring 2017 semester and thereafter must record their pro bono hours in the same semester they are completed to be counted.  Please keep personal records of your pro bono (legal and non-legal) hours.  If you need assistance, please email

Symplicity Training Video:

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For More Information:

Pro Bono Faculty Advisor: Professor Ericka Curran  
(904) 680-7650


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