In an externship placement, students can earn between three and ten credits while working under the supervision of an attorney in either a public or governmental agency, a not-for-profit corporation, or a corporate law department. With the exception of environmental law and sports law externships, credit is not allowed for working in a private law firm or office. The number of hours one must work depends on the number of credit hours. For each of the first four credit hours you must work 45 hours at your placement during the semester. Additional credit hours require 50 hours of work. So for instance, if you are enrolled for three hours of credit, you must work a total of 135 hours during the semester; for six hours a total of 280. In addition, you must complete a classroom component in D2L that includes weekly podcasts and involves written assignments that allow you to reflect upon your work. Pursuant to the Student Handbook, during your matriculation at FCSL, you are limited to 15 credit hours stemming from in-house clinics or externships. 

Questions concerning externships may be directed to Ada Hammond at

Externship Placements Available Most Semesters 

The list below is not exhaustive and in the past, students have, on their own, secured placements at other agencies or corporations. A comprehensive list can be found in the Externship Handbook released for each semester. A copy of the handbook and an application can be obtained from the Clinic Suite #255. Each position will have a separate application on Symplicity with requirements and preferences.

Office of the United States Attorney
Office of the Federal Defender
4th Circuit State Attorney's Office
7th Circuit State Attorney's Office
8th Circuit State Attorney's Office
4th Circuit Public Defender Agency
7th Circuit Public Defender Agency
Office of Regional Conflict Counsel
State Attorney's Office
Public Defender Agency
Georgia Capital Defender's Office
St. John's County Attorney's Office  
Fernandina Beach City Attorney's Office
Jacksonville Area Legal Aid
Three Rivers Legal Services
Florida Department of Children and Families
4th Circuit Office of Guardian Ad Litem
The Department of Housing and Urban Development  
IRS Office of General Counsel
Jacksonville Human Rights Commission
Fidelity National Corporation
U.F. Shands Jacksonville  
The Main Street America Group
The Wounded Warrior Project
The Regency Group

If you discover an opportunity for an externship with an office or agency that is not listed above, you should discuss it with an Externship Supervisor.  They will speak to the supervising attorney before approving the placement for credit.  Often there are additional placement opportunities, some of which are not available every semester.

The Fourth Judicial Circuit, State Attorney's Office prefer students with a CLI and the Fourth Judicial Circuit, Public Defender's Office prefer students who are qualified for a CLI.  Information about such is contained under the Clinical Programs link. Even if a CLI is not required for a placement, the experience will be much richer if a student can be certified.

Long Distance Placements 

Students have secured placements in various agencies across the State of Florida and across the country. Students who intend to practice away from Jacksonville are encouraged to seek an externship placement in the area where they intend to practice. These placements must be approved by the Externship Coordinator.

To request an externship, please fill out the "Student Found Externship" survey on Symplicity.



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