A Practitioner Clinic is an innovative course that offers a hybrid between a clinic and externship.  Students in a Practitioner Clinic work closely on pro bono cases with an active legal practitioner licensed to practice law in Florida. Students are often invited to work on their cases in the practitioner’s office off campus. There is a course component to each practitioner clinic, which includes both substantive and skills related material. Practitioner Clinics are typically offered at two credits with an evening classroom component, which provides flexibility for students.

Students participating in a Practitioner Clinic will

  • Perform frequently recurring litigation and transactional tasks in a real time setting under supervision;
  • Be exposed to the managerial requirements of practicing law in an actual practice setting;
  • Learn how to collaborate with others in performing tasks and reaching solutions;
  • Learn lawyering techniques that will prepare them to practice in an increasingly global society;
  • Learn the value and importance of ensuring equal access to the system of justice for the underserved; and
  • Expand their substantive knowledge in the practice area of the Practitioner Clinic.

Practitioner Clinics offered (offerings vary by semester):

  •  Mediation Clinic
  •  Trusts and Estates Clinic
  •  Seal and Expungement Clinic
  •  Interviewing and Counseling Clinic
  •  Appellate Law Clinic
  •  Naturalization Clinic
  •  Veteran's Benefits Clinic
  •  Child Advocacy and Dependency Clinic
  •  Public Interest Research Clinic

Contact Information

For information about Practitioner Clinics, contact Clinical Director Ericka Curran, at ecurran@fcsl.edu or (904) 680-7782.