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What to Expect from an In-House Clinic

Students receive guidance and supervision from a full-time faculty member who is a member of the Florida Bar.  All clinics represent indigent clients who are referred from various agencies.  In order to learn both the substantive law regarding the particular legal issue and about skills necessary for client representation, each in-house clinic has a classroom component that meets two to four hours a week at a scheduled time.  The classes also provide an opportunity for discussion and reflection. The clinical suite (our law office) provides space for students to work on cases, a library for research, and rooms for students to interview and counsel clients, interview witnesses or meet with other parties. 

Students may enroll in the in-house clinic for four to six graded credit hours the first time. Each credit hour requires 45 hours of work, which includes time spent in and preparing for classes. For enrollment requirements, please see the Clinic Enrollment page. Advanced students may apply to earn clinic credits as advanced clinicians on a pass/fail basis.  Clinic acceptance is by application only.


Immigrant and Family Advocacy Clinic 

Under the supervision of Professor Ericka Curran, students in the Immigrant and Family Advocacy Clinic are involved with both direct legal services to non-citizens as well as legal advocacy projects. Legal services provided include the preparation of asylum petitions, family unity applications and petitions, applications for naturalization and applications for relief under the Violence Against Women Act and the Victim of Trafficking and Violent Crime Prevention Act. Students represent clients in removal proceedings in both the detained and non detained setting and conduct know your rights presentations for detainees. Students gain experience in interviewing and counseling clients, conducting fact investigation, developing case theory, interviewing witnesses, writing declarations and submitting briefs.

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