Fall 2017 In-House Clinics:  Family Law & Immigration

Applications for Spring 2017 are due October 30th- Please stop by Suite #255 To Apply.

Summer Practitioner Clinics: Interviewing and Counseling (Family and Veteran’s intake) 1 credit; Interviewing and Counseling (Human Trafficking) 1 credit; New* Seal and Expunge Clinic 2 credits; Trusts and Estates 2 credits; Veterans Benefits 2 credits 
Directly register- no application 


Students at Florida Coastal must complete six credits of experiential learning as a graduation requirement.  In order to be accepted into any clinical or externship program, a student must be in good standing and have successfully completed all first year required courses. Most of the placements have additional course and/or credit hour pre-requisites. Some of the Clinic and Externship placements require certification by the Florida Supreme Court as a CLI. In order to obtain a CLI student must have completed at least 48 credit hours. Further, for certification purposes, you must have applied to the Florida Bar and received a background clearance letter.  Some of the externships and many of the judicial internships have a minimum GPA requirement. 

Questions about course pre-requisites or the GPA requirement for a specific placement are listed in the Externship and Clinic Handbook:  Externship Clinic Handbook

Most of the in-house clinics and externships are available every semester.  The practitioner clinics are offered on rotating basis.

Priority for placement in all of the in-house clinics and externships is given to students who have not yet completed their required six credits of Experiential Learning.

Students interested in an in-house clinic or externship must submit the application prior to the deadline for the desired semester. 

A current resume, unofficial transcript, and, if applicable, CLI application, must accompany all applications. Some placements also require a writing sample. 

On the application form, students should express their preferences for placements. Typically a student cannot be placed in more than one live client clinical or externship opportunity a semester, due to the potential for scheduling and conflicts of interest.

While placements are finalized gradually, most students will be notified of their placements approximately 2 months prior to the semester in which they will participate. Because placements are not guaranteed and the deadline for registration for classes will, in most cases, precede notification, students should register for the classes that would be taken should a placement not be obtained, but should avoid conflicts with classroom components of desired in-house clinics and meeting times for externships.

Clinic applications for the Fall Semester are due by April 30 but will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Preference Form, Clinic Application, and CLI Application are located at the bottom of this web page.  Paper applications are also available in the clinic, Suite #255.  Please turn all clinic applications to the clinical program coordinator Ms. Cleopatra Smith in Suite #255 or via email csmith@fcsl.edu.

Externship Applications are found on Symplicity:  https://law-fcsl-csm.symplicity.com/students/

For specific information on the Experiential Learning Requirement at Florida Coastal please review the Student Handbook:  http://www.fcsl.edu/academics/student-handbook

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