Dear Professors:

NOTE: If you are ordering for the first time, your initial login creates your professor profile. After your initial login, please email me,, so I can mark your account as a professor.  I will reply to your email (during regular work hours 9:00-5:00) to let you know you can proceed with your book order.  Select "Add a New Book," or "Add No Book Required." In addition, please pay special attention to the term/semester that you select since there are so many available to choose. 

If you are not using a textbook, it is imperative this information is indicated under the “Add No Book Required” menu option on the left side bar on this page.

Please pay special attention to the dates, deadlines, and procedures contained in this notice, and respond to any emails received concerning book order notifications. Following these procedures is vitally important to our students in order to provide the best opportunity to secure their books in ample time, and at the lowest cost. Failure to comply also results in a point deduction under the Accountability Section of your FDP. Abiding by the deadline dates will not only ensure the textbooks are on the shelf in a timely manner, but also that the correct title and sufficient quantity are ordered.

Review/desk/complimentary copies cannot be obtained from the bookstore. You may order a copy from the publisher or have your faculty assistant order a copy.

Please take special note of the following:

  1. CONSEQUENCES OF LATE ORDERS: Major textbook publishers supply a world-wide market. Delivery of textbooks may take up to six weeks or more if the books are either printed overseas or printed “on-demand.” Late textbook requests may encounter out-of-stock conditions at the publishing company, further delaying receipt.
  2. TEXTBOOK INFORMATION CHANGE: If you find it necessary to change the book order after you have submitted your order, please contact John Boyle in the bookstore at or call 904-256-1110. The bookstore will determine if it is possible to change the book order at that time without the school incurring additional charges, and they will contact you regarding such. Please do not contact your students directly to request that they order different books than you requested on your book order form.
  3. SUPPLEMENTS/STUDY AIDS: If your course requires special supplies or supplements that you would like the bookstore to carry, please contact John Boyle and he will be happy to work with you to stock items that your students will need.  You must include any required supplemental materials for class, such as study aids or additional texts, in your book order. Keep in mind that turning your requests in early allows the bookstore ample time to begin acquiring used textbooks from wholesalers, as well as prepare a complete buyback list for students who do not wish to keep their textbooks. When the bookstore has a complete buyback list, we are able to pay students top dollar for their textbooks.

If you need help with your login or password, please contact the SYNC Desk at (904) 680–7600, Prompt 0.

Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact John Boyle in the bookstore, at, (904) 256-1110 or Holly Bolinger at or by phone at (904) 680–7764.