This is a comprehensive program for all students, 1L through 3L, in all academic tracks. The intent is to bring together FCSL students who have demonstrated an aptitude and desire to excel so that they can thrive in an atmosphere of collaboration, critical thinking, experiential learning, net-working and leadership to foster future attorneys who are exceptional and transformative critical thinkers and community leaders. Benefits of enrollment in the Honors Program include a dedicated suite on campus for AHP members, a director that is available for academic and career advisement, cords at graduation, an option for a legal community mentor for 2L’s and 3L’s, priority in judicial externships and in course registration, unique AHP courses, LinkedIn and resume training, chances to meet and network with local and non-local attorneys.
Students eligible for enrollment in the AHP include both incoming students with an UGPA of 3.4 or higher plus an LSAT of 150 or above; and Coastal Law students with a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher may apply thereafter at two points in time:
▫         After their first full semester (or 15 credits), or
▫         After their third full semester (or 45 credits).


A candidate for the J.D. degree or an approved dual degree may be recommended for honors if the student’s cumulative grade point average at Coastal Law meets the following standards:

                                                                Summa Cum Laude                         3.750
                                                                Magna Cum Laude                           3.500
                                                                Cum Laude                                       3.250



In addition to the scholarships that are awarded during the admissions process, Coastal Law awards scholarships based on scholastics each year.  A student receives an Honors Scholarship in one of two manners:
  • When they enter with an LSAT of 150 or higher and an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher; or
  • If they earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher after completing their 1L year (completion of a minimum of 30 credits).
The Honors Scholarships are for Full-Time, Part-Time and Fast Track students. If a qualified program’s tuition is below the full-time tuition rates, these amounts will be reduced proportionally. This program has been in effect since 2014 and applies to the class of 2014 and thereafter. These scholarships are based on a cumulative GPA and awarded in the following manner and amounts:

GPA Range Honors Scholarship
3.0-3.099 $23,400
3.1-3.199 $25,200
3.2-3.399 $27,000
3.4-3.699 $31,500
3.7-3.899 $34,200
3.9-3.999 $36,000
4.0-4.000 $39,600