The Coastal Law Office of Marketing and Communications (Mar/Com) is the clearinghouse for Florida Coastal School of Law media relations activities, as well as many of its promotional materials. Through our wide range of services, Mar/Com is responsible for communicating the school’s message to all external constituents, including prospective students and parents, legal employers, and others in the community, alumni, and the general public. We also work with the school’s departments and administrative offices to prepare and approve projects advertising school services.

With expertise in print publication design, Web design, various forms of electronic communication, media and public relations, market research, and video production, Mar/Com produces and deploys a full range of strategic communications. While we focus on projects that require a combination of original design, writing, and photography, the office also handles projects that may require only one of these services. Many projects can and do include print and online communications as well as signage, banners, and other types of promotional vehicles.

We also work with a number of outside marketing firms and vendors who may be involved in the development and production of your project. The process of acquiring quotes and awarding bids for printing and outside consulting will be conducted by Mar/Com. Mar/Com is also the primary liaison between Coastal Law and all creative consultants and production companies.