Vulnerability-based Trust – This value is grounded in the ability to acknowledge, comfortably and without prompting, mistakes, weaknesses, failures, and needs for help.  It is an essential element of honest and effective interaction and, ultimately, security of position.

Healthy Conflict – This value is evidenced by open, honest, and robust discussion of ideas and issues, so that diverse views are aired without the tensions, passive-aggressiveness, and back channel processes incident to conflict avoidance.

Clear Commitments – This value is reflected by unambiguous responsibility for achievement of an agreed-upon result within a specified time frame.

Accountability – This value is indicated by the willingness of a team member to provide direct, honest, and specific feedback with respect to actions or behaviors that may impair individual, group, or organizational achievement.

Commitment to Results – This value is evidenced by a relentless focus upon specific objectives and clearly defined outcomes.