Community: Get involved. Be inspired.

Coastal Law provides its employees with several opportunities to engage as a community through activities such as town hall meetings, committee events, volunteer work, and much more.  Learn a little about what goes on in our Coastal Community below! 
Town Halls:
Town Hall Meetings are always highly informative and serve as an opportunity for the entire Coastal Law Team to gather and discuss various subjects with leadership, openly provide feedback, ask questions, or suggest new innovations within a larger community setting.

Engagement Committee:
Known in many circles as the “party people”, the Engagement Committee is a volunteer based group of employees dedicated to planning events, activities, and programs for us all throughout the course of the year. The committee offers a number of exciting events for employees such as potlucks, volunteer opportunities, themed weeks, appreciation based activities, and much more! 

Legally Fit & Coastal Law Gives Back:
You can call these Coastal Law’s “feel good” groups.  Legally Fit is dedicated to developing events and programs that promote health and wellness within the our community and include great activities such as educational speakers, Salad Days, Smoothie Days, & our Health & Wellness Fair!  Coastal Law Gives Back provides us all with another feel good outlet by offering opportunities to share, support, and engage in various volunteer programs as part of our ongoing team effort to give back to our community and help those in need.


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