Visiting Coastal Law


The efforts of a party to a lawsuit to obtain information before trial through requests for admissions of fact, depositions of parties and potential witnesses, and examination of the scene.

We welcome you to learn about many of the opportunities Coastal Law has to offer through our own discovery process. Before making a law school decision, obtain information through sitting in on a first-year class, hearing from an admissions counselor, and touring the school with a current student. With three options to fit your schedule, we look forward to helping you discover Coastal Law!

Option A10:15–2:00Class, Information Session, Tour
Option B11:45–4:00Information Session, Class, Tour
Option C11:45–2:00Information Session, Tour

Individual Visits:

Prospective and admitted students are encouraged to visit Coastal Law’s campus, meet with a counselor, take a tour, sit in on a law school class and meet with Financial Aid.

The Admissions team is on campus Monday through Friday and provide counseling sessions and tours of the campus at 10:30am and 2:00pm each day.  We also set up visits based on your individual availability. Please use the individual visit or group visit forms below to schedule an appointment.  If you have any specific requests please contact our office at 904-680-7710 to schedule your appointment. 

This spring we have the options below for class observation:

  • Monday/Wednesday: Contracts I, Room 405 from 9:00-10:21am (Professor Clausen)
  • Monday Wednesday: Criminal Law, Room 550 from 10:30-11:51am (Professor Priester)
  • Monday/Wednesday: Property II, Room 365 from 2:30-3:51pm (Professor Hull)
  • Tuesday/Thursday: Torts I, Room 550 from 9:00-10:21am (Professor Scaldo)
  • Tuesday/Thursday: Property II, Room 250 from 10:30-11:51am (Professor Nichols)
  • Tuesday/Thursday: Contracts II, Room 405 from 2:15-3:36pm (Professor Clausen)
  • Wednesday/Friday: Contracts II, Room 365 from 10:35-11:56am (Professor Millard)
  • Friday: Torts II, Room 250 from 2:00-3:50pm (Professor Ragan)

Group Visits:

Is your student organization interested in visiting our campus?  We can personalize your visit to meet your needs. We can set up a meeting with student leaders and their organizations, setup observation, a campus tour, and provide an admissions overview. Please provide a description of your requests on the group form or contact Megan Schade at or 904-256-1211 with specific questions.

Individual Visit

Group Visit