Florida Coastal School of Law's Moot Court Program is currently ranked No. 1 according to the 2013 - 2014 and  2014 - 2015 Moot Court National Championship standings.

The Florida Coastal Moot Court Honor Board is a student organization, comprised of 2L and 3L students, who travel locally, nationally, and internationally to compete at the highest levels of appellate advocacy.  Over the years, the Honor Board has created a culture of familial support, hard work, determination, and excellence at oral argument and brief writing.

The Honor Board has a mantra that embodies our philosophy towards competition:  "Any court.  Any issue.  Any time."  By living this mantra, Honor Board members grow in confidence, ability, and professionalism through supporting one another.  There is no issue too complex, no panel too intimidating, and no question we cannot answer.

The Honor Board has open tryouts for second semester 1L students each spring through Internal Competition.  If you have a strong desire to establish yourself as an oral advocate, brief writer, student leader, and professional, the Honor Board wants someone like you.

Welcome to our website.  Please take a few moments to look through it.  If you have any questions about what it means to be a Member of the Moot Court Honor Board, please feel free to contact any of the Executive Committee Members via the information provided on our page. 

Questions or comments?

Michael Roscoe
Vice President External Teams, Moot Court Honor Board Executive Committee
(843) 910-1853
Email - c308171@law.fcsl.edu
Professor Sander Moody
Faculty Advisor, Moot Court Honor Board
(904) 680-7700
Email – amoody@fcsl.edu


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