Moot Court wins two national championships

Coastal Law's Moot Court teams finished a successful week with two national championships - the first being hosted by the Chicago Bar Association and a second in Georgia at the National Legal Ethics and Professionalism Moot Court Competition. By comparison, only nine law schools in the country won two or more national competitions all last year, including NYU, Georgetown and Florida Coastal.

Read on for full details of each event. Congratulations to all!

Congratulations to Jennifer D'Augustinis, Alexander Gilewicz and Geoff Seifert on winning the national competition hosted by the Chicago Bar Association. Congratulations also to Casi Horsman, Randi Radziszewski and Taylor Bowman for reaching the semi-finals in Chicago. Randi Radziszewski won the Best Advocate Award. There were thirty teams in the competition. Will Cassidy did an outstanding job at Team Manager. Professor Sander Moody coached.

At nearly the same time, another Honor Board team was in Georgia winning a second national competition. Camille Smith, Megan Mattson and Sarah Thomas won the National Legal Ethics and Professionalism Moot Court Competition. In addition to winning the championship, team member Megan Matson won the Best Brief Award for the petitioner side. The team of Ronnie White, Kate Spurlock and Chris Jackson reached the semi-finals at LEAP. Our two teams faced each other in the semi-finals so only one could advance to the championship round. Leighanne Lockett was brilliant as Team Manager. Professor Nick Martino coached.

Florida Coastal ends the fall semester ranked #1 in the country in appellate brief writing and #1 in the country in moot court.