Faculty Highlights - March 2013

  • Heidi Anderson

Professor Anderson's essay, "Body Snatchers," has been accepted for publication by the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, a peer-reviewed publication. In the essay, Prof. Anderson shows how some highly-intrusive public tracking, like that at issue in U.S. v. Jones, likely should be evaluated under the Supreme Court's physical seizure cases, such as U.S. v. Place.

The essay draws upon her prior article, "The Mythical Right to Obscurity," which recently was cited in the Harvard Law Review and California Law Review. Both works are available here.

  • Elizabeth DeCoux

Professor Elizabeth DeCoux spoke at the meeting of the Northeast Florida Vegetarian Society. Professor DeCoux has also been elected Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of C.J. Acres Farm Animal Sanctuary.

  • Carloyn Herman

Professor Carolyn Herman has been appointed to the Mayor's Advisory Commission on Television, Motion Picture & Commercial Production, a division of the Office of Economic Development, City of Jacksonville. The appointment is for a three year term effective immediately.

  • Antony B. Kolenc

Professor Kolenc’s third book in his historical fiction trilogy, The Chronicles of Xan, was published on March 7, 2013. It is entitled “The Fire of Eden.”
On March 15, Professor Kolenc presented a talk at a Jacksonville homeschooling conference for parents and educators.

  • Marc McAllister

Professor Marc McAllister recently accepted an offer from the University of Cincinnati Law Review to publish his most recent article entitled, GPS and Cell Phone Tracking: A Constitutional and Empirical Analysis. Incorporating the results of original empirical studies, this article proposes that tracking a criminal suspect’s movements by GPS-enabled cell phone, despite its presently limited Fourth Amendment protection, should be subject to the more rigorous constraints the Supreme Court has imposed on other forms of GPS tracking (such as the surreptitious attachment of a GPS device to a suspect’s vehicle). Treating all methods of GPS and electronic tracking alike, this article further proposes different Fourth Amendment requirements for different types of suspects. Interested readers can access the article at www.ssrn.com.

  • Rod Sullivan

Professor Sullivan made a presentation at the symposium entitled ADRIFT: AN ANCHOR
IN THE SEA OF LEGAL ISSUES put on by the Florida Coastal Law Review. His presentation was entitled The MS Costa Concordia and RMS Titanic, Punitive Damages, Loss of Consortium and a Century of Maritime Law.

Professor Sullivan acted as a panel moderator on global climate change at the environmental seminar BROKERING SOLUTIONS: SCIENCE, ECONOMICS, AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY. The seminar was chaired by FCSL Professor Andrew Long and co-chaired by Dr. Quinton White of the Marine Sciences Center at Jacksonville University. The seminar was the 14th Annual Northeast Florida Environmental Summit.

Professor Sullivan was interviewed on Jacksonville television stations TV-4, TV-12/25, TV-30/47, and the public radio station WJCT 89.9 on various aspects of the evolving Allied Veterans of the World Internet Cafe indictments. Professor Sullivan participated in a joint presentation with Professor Rick Duncan, University of Nebraska School of Law entitled ORIGINALISM V THE LIVING CONSTITUTION: WHAT IF BOTH SIDES ARE CORRECT?

  • Jeff Todd

Professors Jeff Todd and Greg Pingree attended the first Colloquium on Law and Rhetoric, held at Stetson University College of Law on March 9, 2013. Professor Todd was a co-organizer of the event. Colloquium invitees, including a law school dean and a law school legal writing program director, were scholars from law schools and universities across the country. The participants discussed the role of the discipline of rhetoric in legal education and scholarship and considered how the study and teaching of rhetoric can enrich the understanding and practice of law. The participants plan to meet annually and have proposed that Florida Coastal host next year's meeting.

Adjunct Professor

  • Lisa Dasher

Professor Lisa Dasher will be leaving her position with the Family Mediation Unit to open her own family mediation practice.

  • Barry Newman

Professor Newman presented on Litigation of Air Traffic Control negligence cases at the recent Air Law Symposium and have been asked to speak at: the ABA in New York on the General Aviation Revitalization Act in June; the Lawyer Pilots Bar Association on the Defense Base Act in June in Whistler Canada; and the June Airborne Law Enforcement Association on police aviation crashes in Orlando in July.