Martha Sonnenschein Memorial Scholarship names first recipient

Out of 33 exceptional applicants, Caitlin Milo was named the first recipient of the Martha Sonnenschein Memorial Scholarship by the Florida Coastal School of Law Foundation. This scholarship was created after Irving Sonnenschein, an early supporter of Coastal Law, donated a generous endowed scholarship gift of $250,000 to the school in honor of his late wife Martha.

Milo was selected for the $5,000 scholarship award for her outstanding work in academics and leadership within and outside the school. Some of her work includes her role as current editor-in-chief of Law Review, pro bono work with the Florida Supreme Court, and her service to the city through the Junior League of Jacksonville. 

Milo, who said the scholarship allowed her to forgo part-time employment and devote more time to community outreach, was honored to be connected to Sonnenschein story. She developed a deep appreciation for Irving, his wife Martha, and the impact their generosity will have on this school’s future.  

“I think that what they did was so selfless. The fact that they did it for this school really speaks to the value of this school and the kind-hearted nature people have,” said Milo. “I hope their selfless contribution encourages other people to look at this school in the same positive light that they do.”

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