Faculty Highlights May 2010

Faculty Highlights

Full-Time Faculty 

  • Professor Heidi Anderson
The University of Florida Levin College of Law has invited Professor Anderson to present her work-in-progress, The Mythical Right to Obscurity, at an upcoming faculty workshop.  In the article, Professor Anderson argues that demands for additional restrictions on the flow of truthful, public information in the interest of protecting privacy are misplaced because they overstate perceived privacy harms and understate the potential benefits of the increased information flow.  Ultimately, Prof. Anderson argues, scholars calling for additional privacy-related legal restrictions confuse the right to privacy, which exists, with the right to obscurity, which does not.
  • Professor Carolyn Herman
Carolyn Herman both co-chaired and presented at the continuing legal education seminar titled “Adventurers in Technotainment” held in conjunction with the 2010 Annual Retreat of the Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law Section of the Florida Bar in Palm Beach over the Memorial Day weekend. Her specific topics included a segment on the ethical issues surrounding the current use of cloud computing (“Cloudy with a Chance of Ethics”) and an overview of the videogame industry, including a discussion of the players, the major deal points, and the major cases (“Have You Seen Your Avatar Lately? Current Developments in the Videogame and Computer Entertainment Industries”).
  • Professor Andrew Long
Professor Long delivered a research presentation at the University of Aarhus Conference “Climate Change and Intellectual Property Rights: Legal Frameworks and Institutions for the Development and Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies.”  His presentation suggested a framework for developing multi-issue international mechanisms to create economic incentives for activities that provide net benefit for climate, biodiversity, and human well-being.  The conference was held at Sandbjerg Estate, in Sønderborg, Denmark.
Also in May, Professor Long was invited to submit an article for publication in a special issue of the Journal of Sustainable Forestry, a peer-reviewed journal edited by faculty at the Yale School of Forestry and the Environment.
  • Professor Brad Shannon
Professor Shannon's article, "I Have Federal Pleading All Figured Out" (tentative title), has been accepted for publication by the Case Western Reserve Law Review.
  • Professor Rod Sullivan
Professor Sullivan was a guest on THE MORNING SHOW on WJCT-TV4. The topic being discussed was the nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to fill the position of retiring Justice John Paul Stevens on the U.S. Supreme Court.
Professor Sullivan was interviewed by the FLORIDA TIMES UNION on a decision of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Am. Ass'n of People with Disabilities v. Harris and was quoted in an article entitled “Court Dismisses Blind Voters Lawsuit.”
  • Professor James Woodruff

Prof. Woodruff has been appointed to the Florida Bar’s Small Claims Rules Committee.


 Adjunct Faculty

  • Jennifer K. Millis 

Professor Millis will be speaking at the Florida Bar Annual Convention for the Health Law Section on Friday, June 25.  The panel discussion is "Health Law Hot Topics--Personal and Confidential:  Special Symposium on Lawyer Ethics and Responsibility for Patient Information." 

  • Penny Schmidt and Dennis Schutt
Dennis Schutt and I are both adjunct professors who teach ADR at FCSL and are also practicing attorneys and co-owners of the Jax Mediation Center.  We are proud to say that the Jacksonville Bar Association has contracted with the Jax Mediation Center to host and facilitate the mandatory residential foreclosure mediations in Duval County. If you need more info, simply let me know.
  • Ann K. Smith
I am now a Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator (certified May 21, 2010).
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