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Faculty Highlights - October 2011

Professor Quince Hopkins

Professor Hopkins has received an offer to publish her new article in the Harvard Law School’s Journal of Law and Gender. Her article discusses the use of restorative justice principles in addressing domestic and sexual violence, and is entitled “Tempering Idealism with Realism: Peace, Love and Understanding in the Real World – Using Existing Criminal Justice Responses to Overcome Minimization and Denial, and Promote Acceptance of Responsibility in Cases of Gender-Based Violence.”

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Exonoree Bill Dillon visits Coastal Law

On November 10, 2011, Coastal Law hosted Bill Dillon, who served 27 years in prison for a 1981 Brevard County murder he did not commit. While on campus, Dillon spoke about his long and difficult struggle to prove his innocence and about the gripping and compelling story behind his wrongful conviction.

Dillon was released in 2008. His keen insights on the criminal justice system, the role of judges, juries, prosecutors, law enforcement, and defense lawyers come from almost three decades of fighting to prove he was an innocent man. Later in the day, Dillon performed songs from his nationally released album. Continue on to read more.