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Technology is Bringing Legal Advice and Documents to the Masses

Industry experts say the industry is ripe for big tech shake-ups, including new innovations on social media and apps for smartphones and tablets.

"As software becomes more intelligent, we will have digital apps that can either substitute for the labor of lawyers or will assist a lawyer in being more productive," said Richard Granat, co-director of the Center for Law Practice Technology at Florida Coastal School of Law.

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Coastal Law Earn Top Honor for Practical Training

The National Jurist has unveiled its first honor roll of law schools that deliver practical training. The magazine will honor 60 schools in the March issue of The National Jurist and the Spring issue of preLaw magazine.

“The majority of law schools have vastly improved their practical training opportunities in recent years,” said Jack Crittenden, Editor In Chief of The National Jurist. “This is the first effort to try to quantify which schools are delivering on their promises to make legal education more experiential.”

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