Winter 2013

Florida Coastal Law Review

VOLUME 14                        Winter 2013                                 NUMBER 2




The Use of Theory Making and Doctrine Making of Regulatory Takings Theory to examine the Needs, Reasons, and Arguments to Establish Judicial Takings Theory 

James E. Holloway and Donald C. Guy

Criminal Justice and the 2011-2012 United States Supreme Court Term

Madhavi M. McCall, Michael A. McCall, and Christopher E. Smith

 Testing Judicial Assumptions of the “Consensual” Encounter:  An Experimental Study

Alisa M. Smith, Erik Dolgoff, and Dana Stewart Speer



 Sackett v. EPA Uses Statutory Interpretation to Limit the EPA’s Power over Wetlands, Overruling a Majority and Leaving Circuits Split over Due Process

Jessica Pierce Quiggle