Can current non-Fast Track students enroll in the Fast-Track summer courses?


Can Fast Track student switch to the regular 3 yr. schedule?

Yes. However, the student’s final semester and Coastal Law Bar Prep Program would no longer be free.

Do Fast Track students have opportunities to pursue experiential learning offerings, including legal clinics, externships, and pro bono work?

The Fast Track schedule incorporates all the benefits of attending Coastal Law, which includes numerous opportunities to obtain substantive legal work experience.

If I apply to the Coastal Law Fast Track program but am not accepted, will I be considered for the three-year program?

Yes. We seriously consider all applicants who have taken the LSAT examination for the traditional JD program.

Do you accept December LSAT scores for this program?

Yes. We will accept the December LSAT scores. However, we strongly recommend interested students apply as early as possible to ensure our admissions department can be allowed ample time for application review.

How will my scholarship change in the JD Fast Track program?

Fast Track students will receive additional scholarship funds that will be applied to summer and intersession terms. The additional funds will be awarded at the same percentage as fall and spring scholarship awards. Below is an example of a student enrolling in the JD Fast Track program who was awarded a $25,000 scholarship.  If you have further questions, please contact the admissions office and we would be happy to discuss your scholarship with you.